Does Insigpol have different types of pocket knives and knives?

Yes. The police knives that we have offer a great variety of uses and possibilities in any emergency situation. Due to their great versatility and easy transport, they are an indispensable element in the equipment of any police officer, security guard or emergency technician and a large number of professionals from different sectors. In Insigpol you can buy knives and police knives, military, and for outdoor activities as well as a large catalog of tactical equipment. Insigpol, your specialized physical and online security and police equipment store. The best thing to do for people who like the mountains, survival and adventure is to have a tactical knife. It is the most common police knife and a glass breaking knife. It is suitable for all types of situations, cuts many materials and is used as an emergency knife in times of need. The belt cutter comes with a sheath and is very light, its blade does not measure more than 11 centimeters and is very easy to use. Normally, it is kept in its sheath, since the blade is extremely sharp. It is the most common knife among the police force and emergency and security personnel thanks to its variety of uses and power.

Why have a tactical knife?

It is the most effective and subtle way to defend oneself, since its small size and sharp blade make it an essential object in any situation of need or danger.They are compact and resistant tactical knives. Its easy handling and good fixing mechanisms stand out, with edges that sometimes have saw shapes. The difference with knives is that they are foldable, this type of utensil is quite cheap and is available to anyone who needs it, but, as it is considered a knife, you must be careful when carrying it with you. It is more advisable if one is an expert. Our store offers a wide variety of knives of all kinds and knives, machetes and other bladed weapons. We make available to the client police, emergency and security material with an unbeatable value for money. Being an online store, it is very easy to look at what one needs and have it brought. By adding your purchase to the cart, you can pay by card or PayPal comfortably so that the order arrives home as soon as possible. You can save your card and when you have to repeat the purchase you will not have to insert it again.

Buy tactical knives. Combat knife.

We could say that a combat knife is a white weapon created and designed to be used in close combat. Usually used by the military, to wound or kill the enemy without making noise. Already in the past, in the trench wars at the end of the first great war, many combat knives were invented for other uses, such as cutting brush in the jungle or forest, or for example to open cans, etc. Did you know that soldiers' food cans were opened with bayonets?… Yes.

The can opener as we know it today was invented later, and canned food was initially invented for the military. Later it was applied in civil life. In Insigpol you can find from the original AITOR BLACK BEAR KNIFE to a replica of the US MARINES UNIT KNIFE.


The definition of a tactical knife includes all edged weapons that have been designed for military, police, or survival use. The types of tactical knives available in our Insigpol store are varied. For example, the tactical survival knife has many variables. Some of them have in their handle, which is hollow, fishing line, anti-water match, needle and thread, etc., and everything that a survivor may need to survive. However, some experts prefer the tactical knife with the solid handle, as they say that it is more resistant and impossible to break. In our online store you can buy a BLACK COMBAT KING II TACTICAL KNIFE + SHEATH, the simple RUI KNIFE + SHEATH and also the replica of the American USMC KNIFE. Tactical knives are characterized from other knives by having a good quality in their finishes and a more elaborate design. They are usually made of steel alloys that provide the blade with extreme hardness, so they are prepared for use in the harshest conditions. Generally used by military units, its use has become widespread among amateurs, hunters and hikers due to its great versatility and good quality. At Insigpol we offer you a large selection of tactical knives so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs or personal tastes. As always, all these knives are manufactured by the best brands, among which we can highlight the Aitor knife, among others, so its quality is guaranteed.


A Spanish column of more than 700 men under the command of Colonel Quirós in their advance in Cuba, arrived almost without stopping until the hamlet of Baire, where Máximo Gómez and his men ambushed them (1836-1905), which at that time was sergeant of the Cuban Liberation Army. Because the Spaniards outnumbered them, Gómez decided to attack them at close range using machetes, a knife that he very well knew from having used it previously, it was very effective at short distances. The result was that the Spanish had to retreat with heavy casualties. Only a few men were injured on the rebel side. Let's think that at that time firearms left much to be desired. Even so, today, and at close range, an attack with a machete or knife is lethal. After this event in rifles and other firearms machetes were used more ... called bayonets. You have to see our MACHETE PCU ... you will buy it.


The bayonet is a double-edged white weapon, which is attached or attached to the end of the barrel of the rifle or carbine to fight in hand-to-hand combat. The best known bayonet was the so-called cube, consisting of a hollow metal cylinder to which a triangular blade was attached, which was especially used in muskets. Then it was modernized and in the 20th century it was changed and put a knife that can be attached to the long gun to allow its use as a bayonet. The etymology of bayonet comes from the city of Bayonne, where it was invented in 1670, although there is evidence that it was used as early as 1642. We have the AK-47 bayonet in our store. SABER. The saber is a normally single-edged curved knife, made to cut, almost always used in cavalry and infantry by officers in the 19th century and even still in the 20th century. The fact that the blade is curved and its edge unique, differentiates it from the sword. This stab was invented out of the need for speed in combat. It is short and the blade is not embedded in the enemy's body.