Thermal shirts Insigpol thermal shirts are technical garments that have become essential items for police and security guards, but also for sports. Their main characteristic is that they maintain body temperature, an important fact when the body tends to cool down with sweat. For Insigpol, this garment is among its main products and its technical fabric has been developed and patented by technologies that keep the body dry at all times. Thus, these thermal shirts are part of the team from a security professional, whether private or state, to a runner who chooses to run at very low temperatures, it is also suitable for those who perform sports in a cold gym or outdoors. There is a wide variety in the market of thermal shirts but Insigpol has chosen the best and it is also made in Spain, it is long-sleeved and has a high neck. It should also be mentioned that the way it fits the body, tightly fitting makes it better fulfill its role of keeping the person warm and dry.

Thermal shirts for police service or emergencies If you are a police officer, security guard, emergency technician or similar and you work outdoors or do any outdoor activity, you have surely already discovered the advantages of using thermal shirts. With these shirts your body is always dry and if you choose the Insigpol, you will discover that you are really 100% protected against the cold. The technical shirt brands are aware of the acceptance that these shirts have among security and emergency professionals and, therefore, it is easy to find articles of a great variety and with different quality but we at Insigpol offer you the best value for money. You just have to see it for yourself in our online store where you can find our thermal t-shirts with any logo, emblem, inscription or plain, for men. You can choose your size, and if when it arrives you are not convinced you can return it, but be careful, do not return it used, before using it, examine it well and decide if it was what you expected.

In the police equipment and sports equipment stores there are many models of thermal shirts but they are usually more expensive than ours. The comfort of these thermal shirts is discovered from the first use. Discover our thermal high neck shirts. See also our hats, coats and gloves that will keep you warm throughout the cold winter, since the characteristics of our shirts use body moisture to generate heat when you need it most, discover its usefulness by trying them. Buy thermal shirt. We ship your t-shirt within 24 hours. Black long sleeve shirts. It is very important to know what type of thermal shirt we need when working in the open air or practicing some sport outdoors.

On many occasions we make mistakes when selecting the garments for sports outside or work, almost always, sometimes because we wrap ourselves excessively to protect ourselves from low temperatures and others, because we choose the least appropriate clothing. To avoid this situation we have the THERMAL T-SHIRT whose objective is to keep the body warm, helping perspiration, with quick drying, to protect us from cold and humidity. The shirt must always be glued to the skin, being the garment that has direct contact with our body, as it is manufactured for this. Today there is a wide variety of thermal shirts on the market and for the practice of any sport or to develop any professional activity, such as police or security guard; when long ago there were only these garments in the range of high mountain clothes.

At Insigpol we have our thermal shirt designed under ergonomic lines and that are very tight to the body. It always has to be very tight since it will be more comfortable this way, to help keep your body warm on very cold days while working or playing sports outside. Depending on the temperature outside, you should choose a thermal shirt or a normal one. Keep in mind that the thermal shirt will keep us warm. For cycling our shirt is recommended in winter. If you do running, our thermal shirt will suit you. If you play football, buy your thermal shirt as tight as possible so that it is comfortable, so that you can do all football gestures and actions in the most natural way possible, the purpose of the shirt is to maintain body heat as best as possible since it is a sport with many stops and in those moments of rest you can get cold.

It is to consider the amount of sweat that we generate. If we are one of those who sweat excessively, the thermal shirt that we must use must perspire very well (like our shirt), because if not, no matter how much it protects us from the cold, it will not remove the sweat correctly and what will happen is that it stays on the skin cooling our body temperature. That is why we advise you to buy the thermal shirt that we sell at Insigpol. Although the acquisition of these garments should not be limited to their price, but in quality, we have them at a good value for money, since they have somehow influence on our health when using them. In particular, when doing a service abroad for many hours, this type of t-shirt is a must for anyone, we must be aware of its importance and equip ourselves as best we can. Thermal shirts are a great discovery, we must give them the leading role they deserve when the cold comes in, and buy a good shirt like the one we have at Insigpol that you can buy online or in our physical store.

Buy long sleeve thermal shirt. The thermal shirt that you can buy in Insigpol in the physical store is made of Polyamide, with 65% and in cotton with 35%. The combination of these manufacturing materials makes it a comfortable shirt. Polyamide goes on the outside of the shirt, and cotton on the inside. This makes them resistant to cold, but pleasant to put on, since they are shirts that are very tight to the body because it is very elastic. At Insigpol you can buy these t-shirts with different logos and acronyms on the neck (Civil Guard, National Police, Civil Protection, etc.), and if you want you can customize it with the logo of your company, police force, military, etc. You won't find a similar quality thermal shirt at a better price. It is the ideal thermal shirt for the policeman, vigilante, and professional who is exposed to extreme cold. And for the hunter or the fisherman. If you do running you can use this thermal shirt. It adapts to all activities.