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Buying tactical equipment for security guard and police .

The best tactical equipment and decorations for security guards, police, military or collectors.

Equipment with European guarantee and manufactured by Spanish manaufacturers. Anyone who knows the world of tactical equipment understands that the highest quality at a good price is the main factor when deciding where and how to obtain good tactical equipment for professionals or collectors. From military to police, security guard, etc. they would recognize the importance of good material for the greatest comfort in the development of their profession, as well as the collector who is looking for a different or exceptional item for the collection. The equipment also has to be of quality. That is why it is good to trust a dealer or manufacturer like Insigpol.

At Insigpol, we have a wide range of security equipment, also decorations, badges, medals, police and military pins, even tactical clothing, berets, tactical footwear, glasses, helmets or emergency supplies (such as flashlights, shackles, walkies, etc). This wide range of products that we have, aimed at both security professionals and collectors, places us at the forefront of specialists in tactical equipment throughout the national territory.

Top quality, fast shipping and European guarantee.

All the products that we make available to the customer at Insipol have a European guarantee, a quality guarantee that differentiates us, and all the material requiring approval have been tested in the laboratory accordingly to guarantee its maximum quality and safety. The commonest materials used in our products are leather and nylon, resistant elements that guarantee the durability of the item. In addition, we ship within 24/48 working hours. We also have an armory section, airsoft products and a wide range of knives and similar. We also have all kinds of patriotic and customizable flags, magnets, rings and items to which anyone can add text, color and even a logo to have a unique badge or insignia.