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New products


Military badges and insignias from Spain.


Can I buy a military badge if I am a civilian?

Inisgpol has been selling military badges since 2003. If there is one thing that has always motivated us, it has been to sell good quality badges. Our insignia are homologated and can only be worn on active duty or reserve military uniforms on Hispanic Day. Reservists may also wear them at special events organized by the armed forces. A civilian can buy these badges but to collect or to wear them as casual or decoration, but not to accompany them on a uniform.

When will the military insignia arrive if I buy it online?

Right away. We are very fast shipping the material that our clients buy. In fact, purchases go out every day in the form of orders to their destination. Before purchasing your badge, make sure you need it, as they cannot be returned. This is how we advertise it in our advertising and in our physical store at each sale.

If you buy today you will receive it tomorrow or the day after noon, if you chose express mail as a form of transport. Are these original military insignia?

Almost all of them. Always read the description. If it is not an original insignia or plate, or distinctive etc, you can do so in the description. If it does not put anything it is original and it is regulated, this means that it is an official insignia. When we say insignia we mean a plaque, badge, patch, medal, etc. It does not have to be just a metal badge, there are many types, materials and shapes. In this section we group the Spanish military insignia of our army.