Detectives badges and others.



What badges will I find in this section?

Here we have private detective plates, also Judicial Expert, prison officer, and other profession plates that usually put a badge next to their professional card. All these plates, although they are not mandatory, are widely used by professionals of different types, and help identification.

Do I need to present any document to buy these badges?

These plates are free sale, anyone can even buy them for collection, but their display together without a professional card if the profession in question is not practiced would be prohibited, since it would be supplanting a profession and that is a crime. Is there stock of this type of plates? Insigpol always has these plates in store as they are the most popular plates. If you buy them online we will send them to you and they will arrive in a day or two.

Can an official use the PRISON OFFICIAL BADGE?

It is common for prison officials of penitentiary institutions to put our PRISON OFFICIAL BADGE next to their tip, the same that many civil guards do. They do this to help identify them if necessary. Do private detectives wear badges? Many detectives in Spain accompany their credentials with the private detective badge that we have in our store. Our detective badge is the most used in our country. It is a great help for these professionals when it comes to identifying themselves because by presenting the tip next to the badge, acceptance by the person who sees the identification is faster, despite the fact that the authentic validity is the tip and the plate it is only an ornamental piece (in all cases it is like that).