Here you can buy all kinds of accessories and accessories for badges.

For example, the pepito of the security guard badge, which is a leather support that serves to put the badge and thus avoid puncturing the shirt with the badge of the badge. The pepito has an "eyelet" that allows you to put this piece on the button of the shirt. It is always put on the left button. You will also find the typical clip like the one that national policemen stick to their license badges from behind in order to be able to put the plate both on a badge holder and on their dress uniform.

We have gold and silver clamps. We also have the support that is put on the dress uniform of the National Police to be able to put the badge with its clip. If you wish we have magnets. Many professionals prefer the magnet to a safety pin or clip, and use it to support the plate on their clothing. We have stock of NEEDLE - MEDAL HANGER.

It is essential to use when medals are awarded in an event, since it allows the placement of the medal quickly, in a matter of seconds, thus avoiding a possible setback when putting the medal on the graceful uniform. If you want you can buy SILENCERS FOR MILITARY SHEET, we sell them loose and they are very cheap. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us and we will tell you if we have it.