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United States of America Badges


Can I buy American police badges?

Badges for collection and movie prop use. Most badges in our store are exact replicas of current original badges. Some others are no longer used. In each case, it is explained in the product description. Most of our plates are imported from the United States, some of them are from our main supplier Smith & Warren.
The finishes of our plates are of high quality. We have made every effort to make them as similar as possible to the originals. We do not ship US federal license badges to this country. FBI, NCIS badges and any other federal badges cannot be shipped to the States.
Our police badges can be bought by collectors, movie and advertising companies.

Can they be bought as a gift?

Our badges are a good choice to buy as a gift. ideal for cops and collectors. You can also give these badges as gifts to use them at carnival, if allowed. Our badges will give maximum credibility to your costume and will make a perfect complement.
For example, in a navy blue uniform, with multi-pocket trousers, wearing this badge on the chest would give the feeling of a real police officer. You can also add to our police jacket and cap to your costume. You will look like a real one.

What type of police badges can you find there?

Local police badges such as the BOSTON POLICE BADGE or the NEW YORK POLICE BADGE are from the United States. From NYC you can find badges such as those of officer and captain. We have state badges and federal badges like the ATF BADGE, FBI BADGE, and many others.
The badge that we like the most and you can only buy at Insigpol is the MARINE IWO JIMA SEAL MILITARY POLICE BADGE. This badge is an exact replica of the original, which you can only buy in the US if you are a policeman or military. Now you can buy it in our store, both online and in a physical store for collection or in case you want to make a US military police costume.

Police Badges & Badge Customization

The type of police badge worn will vary greatly by department, beginning with the shape. Most law enforcement badges come in the form of a circle, shield or star, but there are other unique shapes. Louisiana State Police, for instance, have badges the shape of their state. . The police badge has been a part of law enforcement identification for centuries. They not only represent a symbol of authority but also act as a deterrent against potential crime. On top of that, they’re easily the most visible part of the police uniform.

Though police officer badges vary in appearance from department to department, they do display standard information. They typically identify your position, city department, state seal and officer number. Your department’s values can also determine the design. For example, it’s common to see the Bald Eagle, which symbolizes pride and strength, perched atop many police badges.

Our store offers a large selection of police badges from the industry’s most trusted brands including Blackinton, Smith & Warren and much more. We also offer  our own custom badges at