These brightly-coloured.

They are made with seamless canvas and have two plastic thimbles in each corner.


In Insigpol you can buy the flag of Spain, our red and yellow at a good price. You can buy from the flag of Tabarnia to the "estelada" flag of Catalonia.

What do you want to buy the LGTBI flag (the misnamed gay flag for some uninformed), we also have it. We have the official badges of the United States Army such as the Rangers flag, the Coast Guard flag, the Special Forces flag, and the AirBorne flag. Buy the flag of the American Navy, and the flag of the Marines. And it is that in our store we have even the flag of American veteran soldiers who participated in the Vietnam War. You can also buy the flag of Israel, as the flag of one of the countries that knows the most about security could not be missing. You can also buy the flag of the United States.