Insigpol has BRIPAC Parachute Brigade T-shirts of different models, all with the shield or emblem of this unit of the land army.

Our favorite t-shirt is the Bripac t-shirt with the legend "make it or die". Another shirt that we like a lot is the one that comes with the rokiski on the front and the opening year of this specialty, 1953.

The BRIPAC Parachute Brigade, unlike other airborne units, is governed by a strong discipline of which they are proud. The paratrooper follows the orders and procedures to the letter. They are known as "glitter" whose nickname has its origin in the special care they take to uniformity and their disciplined behavior. Skydiving is a source of pride and a show of courage for all those who are part of BRIPAC. Everyone who serves in the parachute forces is subjected to the uncertainty of the jump regardless of their employment, years of service, or any other circumstance. The BRIPAC commanders have always sought to innovate in organic and new ways of fighting, always being avant-garde in these extremes.

Bripac t-shirts. At Insigpol you can buy BRIPAC Paratrooper Brigade t-shirts. You can buy Parachute Brigade t-shirts of all flags, companies, regiments and battalions in different colors and sizes. But what is BRIPAC and what does it do? The Paratrooper Brigade of the Spanish Army it is ready to travel anywhere on the planet in just three days. And not only to fight other nations, but also to repel new threats such as terrorism. It is a very well prepared elite corps. Aircraft of the Air Force, helicopters of the Air-mobile Forces of the Army, the artillery of the Royal Guard, batteries of the Field Artillery Command, or even a squadron of cavalry can collaborate with BRIPAC. Also Tiger attack helicopters, Centaur vehicles, 155/52 mm artillery pieces, tactical drones, the new Israeli Spike anti-tank missiles and C-130 Hercules and C-295 aircraft. The Parachute Brigade or BRIPAC.

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