What distinctions of the Civil Guard can you buy in our store?

Here you will be able to buy Function or Specialty badges, Permanence badges, and Civil Guard Title badges, as well as various badges such as the one that the Civil Guards buy to put in their badge holder as these lack their own insignia. Only the civil guards who perform civilian tasks have an official badge that they show along with their badge to identify themselves.

Does Insigpol have permits to sell these badges?

Insigpol is a store authorized by the Civil Guard to sell insignia of this glorious police force of military origin. Are the Insigpol badges approved? All the badges that you buy in our store are regulated, otherwise I would expressly put it in the description of the badge.

Can I wear these badges?

This is regulated. In official uniform they can only be worn if you have the corresponding diploma. In casual wear it shouldn't cause any problems as it won't cause confusion. You can buy these badges for collection, there are many collectors who do so, both Spanish and from other countries.