The Spanish ribbon chart, also known as the Orden de Precedencia de las Condecoraciones Españolas (Order of Precedence of Spanish Decorations), is a visual representation of the hierarchy and order of precedence of the various military and civil decorations awarded in Spain.

The ribbon chart consists of a series of ribbons, each representing a specific decoration or medal. The ribbons are arranged in a specific order, indicating the relative importance and precedence of each decoration. Higher-ranking decorations are typically placed towards the top of the chart, while lower-ranking ones are placed towards the bottom.

The Spanish ribbon chart serves as a guide for understanding the significance and relative value of different decorations. It helps to determine the appropriate order in which the decorations should be displayed on military uniforms or in ceremonial settings. It also provides a visual reference for recognizing and distinguishing the achievements and honors of individuals based on the decorations they have received.

The chart includes a wide range of military and civil decorations, including orders, crosses, medals, and badges, each with its own distinct ribbon design and color scheme. The specific arrangement and design of the ribbons on the chart have been established through official regulations and traditions.

The Spanish ribbon chart is an important tool for military personnel, veterans, and those involved in ceremonial affairs. It serves as a guide for displaying and understanding the significance of decorations and allows for proper recognition and respect to be given to individuals who have been honored with these prestigious awards.

Please note that the specific design and order of the Spanish ribbon chart may be subject to changes or updates over time as new decorations are introduced or the hierarchy is revised. It is always recommended to consult official sources or regulations for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the Spanish ribbon chart.