SURVIVAL SHOP. This category features survival aacessories such as binoculars, compasses, bags, folding chairs and assorted camouflage items.


Insigpol has an extensive catalog of survival supplies and other items. We have a wide variety of survival items such as water treatment tablets, thermal blankets, tourniquets, survival whistles, flints, matches that work even wet, emergency lighting, etc, among other accessories to accompany you on your outings to the mountain, excursions to snow or for the practice of activities such as hiking, trekking, climbing or mountaineering.

Insigpol offers you a great  of variety of survival equipment. Discover the best prices and enjoy shipping in just 24/48 hours on most of our products. We are in Barcelona, ​​Spain, in case you want to buy in our physical store. Check our schedules in summer, long weekends and Christmas.

At Insigpol you can also  buy  survival manuals. Like all good survival manuals they include a list with the most useful items to survive in the wild, although there may be variations between some authors probably due to their own personal experiences and their views on survival. And don't miss the backpack section, essential for the survivor!