Is there a stock of tie clips?

Take a look at our tie clip section with a wide variety of designs and colors to find the tie clip that you like the most, be it police, military or civil tie clips. All our tie clips are of high quality and you can buy them for many years in our online and physical store. The SECURITY VIGILANT TIE TIE is the one our customers buy the most, followed by the CONSTITUTIONAL EMBLEM TIE TIE. Where should the tie clip go? Some people tend to wear it too low and others too high. You have to put it somewhere in between. Social norms suggest that it is best put in a medium zone. In this way, it better fulfills its mission.

What barrette to buy, gold or silver?

We advise you to buy it in the same color as the rest of the metal that you wear in your uniform or on your clothes. If you have many silver details, then buy the silver barrette, and if you have more gold-colored things, then buy the gold one. Are all pins the same? Basically we can differentiate two types of tie clips, either with a clamp (tie clips) or with a sliding bar (tie pins or pins). Those that go with clamps with teeth can damage the tie, but if you use them to work like the tie, they cannot It is an expensive tie, we recommend it as it holds better.

What is the ideal measurement for a tie bar?

Tie clips never have to be wider than your tie. A rule already observed is that it does not exceed three quarters of the width of the tie. In all cases it should never be wider than the tie. But the question is ... Is the tie clip in fashion or is it a classic pin in men's clothing? This men's pin is a lifelong classic, widely used in all types of uniforms, of the National Police, Civil Guard, Army, etc. Over time, it has become and has become out of fashion, but its use has remained over time, giving class especially to uniforms of all kinds and also to civilian clothes.

Some think that the tie clip is a jewel, at least those that are made of precious metals such as gold or silver; but the ones you can buy at Insigol are made of steel and other materials. Some people prefer that their tie clips have a shield or emblem, especially our clients ... which makes them a differentiator in their way of dressing.

How high is the tie clip?

It is placed between the third and fourth button of the shirt, taking as a reference the first button that is at the neck. Before they were placed at the height of the fifth button, but today the trend is to put the tie clip at the height of the third button. It's actually a matter of preferences, but if you want to show that you know what you do when it comes to dressing, do not put it above the third button, nor below the fifth. To show off this pin, the tie clip you choose needs to cover no more than 3/4 of the width of the tie.

Wearing one that is longer will make you look older. We don't have those in our store. The tie clip, also known as a tie bar or tie pin, is a complement used to fasten the tie in the front of a shirt and thus prevent it from dancing freely. It is a simple accessory that, when used well, gives shine and elegance to our presence. At Insigpol, we have slide or snap tie clips based on the weight and width of the tie. A tie clip with a clasp keeps the tie from moving at all, but it can cause a thin or light tie to crease and not lie flat against the shirt. A slide-out tie clip keeps the slim tie smooth and flat. If wide and thick ties are used, a tie clip with a clasp will be the most useful. Police and military use this type of pins more.