This category features fine leather badge cases, wallets, neck & belt cases and more.

What kind of wallets and badge holders can you buy at Insigpol?

We have all kinds of badge holders and wallets for all badges used in Spain. We also have license badge holders for United States police officers. We have badge holders that adapt to all types of badges. Search our Insigpol store and you will find what you need. Our wallets and badge holders have been created to be used by agents of different police forces and by private security. They will allow you to carry your police badge or any other type of badge in a practical and safe way and you will be able to show it clearly when you need it. Buy police equipment at Insigpol store. We have the best quality-price relationship in wallets and badge holders.

Who are the main users of our wallets and badge holders?

Our wallets and badge holders have been designed to be used by agents of the police forces, Private Security and other groups such as detectives, experts and emergency personnel (Civil Protection, health workers, etc.). They are ideal to carry your badge comfortably and safely and show it clearly when necessary.

How to identify badge holders for National Police, Civil Guard and others?

See what subcategory they are in. You can also tell by the hole where the badge goes, since it is normal for each wallet and badge holder to go with its "embedded" badge. Our badge holders and wallets are made of leather and have a good quality-price ratio.
Avoid using lower quality or cheaper material.

Why buy a badge holder at Insigpol?

Because we have a wide range of hand-made police badge holders. We offer quality and the best price ratio and our material will last longer in good condition. All our license badges for the police and security forces are carefully manufactured with cowhide with great care, thus achieving a good quality final material. At Insigpol you will have the possibility of buying a badge holder of any size, we even have wallets with the Spanish national flag, the most patriotic wallet you can buy.  A large number of Insigpol's customer are police members from all over the country. To hem we offer our experience and knowledge to manufacture an endless number of police badge holders adapted to each police badge. Each badge holder model is different from the other, but they all have in common that they have a hole to attach the badge.
The best wallet  for the approved security guard badge
Our security guard badge holder made of cowhide serves for the approved security guard badge in both metal and PVC. A large number of security guards show great trust on our Insigpol brand ... a brand that they have been buying for many many years.
At Insigpol, there is also room for the private escort badge holder. For this reason, we have also specialized in the manufacture of the best escort badge holder, also with a good value for money.
In addition, there are many companies in the security sector that contact us every day asking for a multitude of badge holders for their workers.
Depending on the badge holder that you are looking for in our store, we recommend you to have a quick look at our large catalog of badge holder wallets. We advise you to do your research focused on the words badge holder, police badge holder, national police badge holder, and civil guard badge holder, depending on which plate holder you want to buy. Use the magnifying glass button to search our store.