Prevention and Response Unit Badge

The Prevention and Response Unit, UPR, also called “Bronze” by the National Police was created in 2008, and integrated into the General Department of Public Safety, to help the IPU. At the end of 2012 it was announced the reorganization of this unit, which has shifted to prevention efforts and restoration of the IPU as law enforcement, working with other police units and institutions to serious unforeseen events considered. Then, and because of the wide variety of logos that had every specialty UPR (many of these logos created a personal capacity by officers of each specialty), it was decided to create a unique emblem. It can be seen in the photograph. This is the distinctive metallic specialty. There is also a patch chest, small size, and arm, standard size. Interestingly, the first UPR wear this patch was that of Castellón, to then be put in the rest of all the UPRs of Spain.

Images patches unified UPR , made in injection plastic . All can be found in the Insigpol shop in Barcelona , Calle Segre , 57 basses, Spain . The website of this store is

The UPR is composed of ten operative groups and four subgroups of motorcycles, more or less about 2200 troops. It also has police cars and other vehicles camouflaged. It is composed of three operational sections called ” The Searchers ” , ” Zodiacs ” and ” Alazanes ” these are in the Community of Madrid. Before each of these sections he had their own emblems . Today, as discussed above , they have been unified . Units Prevention and Response are deployed in 17 region : Madrid, Andalusia, Valencia , Canarias, Castilla y Leon, Galicia , Murcia, Aragón , Asturias , Baleares, Castilla -La Mancha , Ceuta , Melilla , Cantabria, Extremadura , La Rioja and Navarra


( Prevention and Response Unit ) NATIONAL POLICE SPAIN . Dimensions: 2.70 x 3.50 cm.

Why are NYPD police cars white?

The NYPD started out with green patrol cars and navy blue uniform tops and bottoms with an NYPD patch on the right shoulder. In the 1970’s in an effort to appear less like a police ‘force’ and more like the guys you call when your television is acting up, they switched to powder blue patrol vehicles with white stripes, and powder blue shirts with the same navy blue pants.

This was designed as a ‘service’ oriented look and to make cops appear to be more friendly. It was an epic fail. In the 1990’s when Bill Bratton was starting his first stint as police commissioner, he changed the uniforms back to navy blue ( and added n NYPD patch on the left shoulder so that there was a patch on both sleeves of the uniform. The vehicles changed to a white color with blue stripes. The primary reason for this was that to be eligible to obtain federal funds and as a prerequisite to attain federal accreditation (and the funding that went with that designation) the vehicles had to be ‘primarily’ white.

How to know which cut-resistant gloves to buy?

An important part of the police and private security equipment are cut- resistant and slash-resistant gloves.

In order to choose the appropriate cut-resistant gloves we must take into account a number of factors that will determine which gloves to buy. Among these these factors you must consider the place where you work, the profession, the type of usual operations or the environment and its temperature.

Talking about the protection levels of cut-resistant gloves, on what do the different levels depend? Currently it is the regulation of occupational risks on individual protection EN 388 that evaluates four aspects of the materials of which they are manufactured:

– Abrasion resistance. Levels from 1 to 4

– Resistance to cutting by blade. Levels from 1 to 5

– Resistance to tearing. Levels from 1 to 4

– Resistance to perforation. Levels from 1 to 4

Depending on the resistance that the gloves obtain to different tests, one level or another is assigned, with 5 being the highest level of protection and 1 being the lowest. Although this regulation is changing and from now on it will be counted from A to F, with F being the highest level of protection and A being the lowest.

Anti-cut level table.Cutting cycles LevelGreater than 1.2 Level 1Greater 2.5 Level 2 Greater 5.0 Level 3 Greater 10.0 Level 4 Greater 20.0 Level 5

Police and security guards demand cut and slash resistant gloves that allow sensitivity, with high tact, when it comes to frisking, handling weapons or police equipment. A policeman or a watchman shouldn’t lose touch or tact of their hands at the time of holding a gun or a revolver respectively, handle the shackles or frisking. Cut resistant gloves should allow proper frisking.

The next step is to see if they need thinner cut-resistant gloves for frisking, for example, or thicker cut-resistant gloves for riot troops that have a high risk of facing attacks with catanas, knives, or similar.

Security forces often face attacks with knives, easier to acquire than firearms. In addition, in searches they can find sharp objects and it is convenient to wear gloves that protect their hands from these hazards. Since gloves worn in riots and gloves worn when driving motorcycles do not have to be the same and meet different requirements, Insigpol recommends the following cut-resistant gloves:

Glove with textile support HPPE thread high resistance. Glove with high quality elastic nitrile coating on wrist, with excellent touch and resistance. Withouth stitches. Black and gray colors. It is a glove that procetcs from impacts and thick liquids such as paint, oils, etc., which makes it ideal for anti-riot and security guards that often face the risk of knife attacks.

The POLICE SAFETY CUT- RESISTANT GLOVES HIGH TOUCH INSIGPOL is without a doubt the most tactile cut-resistant glove on the market. Black and gray color. Glove with microporous nitrile coating which prevents slipping, with excellent touch and dexterity. Withouth stitches. Black and gray colors. It is a glove that protects from impacts and thick liquids such as paint, oils, etc., which makes it ideal for the anti-riot police.


Above these lines we have simple cut resistant gloves manufactured in Kevlar. Black color Sewing on the tips of the fingers, which makes them very comfortable. Level 5 in court, level 1 in skewer. By their appearance they look like normal gloves for the cold. Tested in our Insigpol store.

Our anti-riot gloves are also cut resistant and offer greater protection according to the risk of this type of operation. The material on the back of the knuckles provides a high degree of protection against impacts. Riot police usually use this type of gloves. They also use acid-resistant gloves.

At Insigpol we will advise you which gloves to choose

For more information, please contact us.


Insigpol : we send your tactical belt in 24/48 hours

At Insigpol we send your tactical belt in 24/48 hours. At present, there are many tactical belts used by law enforcement, military and private security forces around the world. There is a great diversity of models. Many call them tactical belts, double belts, velcro belts, but in the end all refer to a same belt that, even having many variables, is the same things. Tactical belts for police use or for security professionals, in Spain, its outer part, which goes on the outside, has a thickness of 5 centimeters, and the inside of 4 centimeters, allowing this measures of the interior to enter through the locks of All professional pants. The idea was created, basically, for a belt to hold only the pants, and another … the outside, hold all the accessories, such as walki-talki, shackles, defense and everything the professional may need.

Why wear a tactical belt and not a conventional one? With the double tactical belt, we will avoid having to constantly raise our trousers, which is due to the weight of all accessories. Also for the ease that gives if we have to remove all the accessories from above, because with a single click, they are already outside.

Why do they call it a velcro belt? Because it carries velcro, both belts carry it. The normal thing is that the one on the outside has velcro hard and the inner belt has velcro soft. But some manufacturers do the opposite, by different criteria. Some ways in which they nominate these tactical belts are, velcro police belt, velcro belt security guard, full police belt, military tactical belt, tactical American belt, etc. By the way, the latter is curious, if we consider that Americans give wide to their belts 6 cms. Instead of 5 how we do in Spain and Europe. Belt with safety lock. In addition, the belts you find in Insigpol, almost all of them have safety closure. This prevents the belt from opening due to excess weight caused by the accessories that go into it, or why someone could pull on the belt. All our tactical belts are black, although we have military belts green color, camouflage, etc. We can say that black color is the color of the tactical belts par excellence.


Tactical police and military belt

Tactical police and military belt. We ship it in 24/48 hours.

Our tactical belts are made of high quality materials, allowing us to always european guarantee and total safety to our customers that our products can withstand heavy use without suffering for it. Because there are things that can only be trusted to a quality tactical belt. Use a belt with rigid interior and velcro (male or female) throughout the exterior area to have quickly what you need, or a girdle with sanity elastic cover if you have to keep your equipment hidden. Also in cotton or nylon. We have models in black and green, as well as different types of camouflage: military, desert, urban … With rivets, closing rings, plastic or metallic buckles or with insignia of the USMC (United States Marine Corps ), The national police or the insignia of the US NAVY.

And if you need more safety in the closure, there are also available buckles with double safety closure, so you do not leave anything out of your site. We also have leather belts, approved for security guard and, as in other models, you can choose from a large assortment of sizes to find the one that fits the most. Other belts have adjustment in length, reason why it will be able to adapt the size to the perimeter. In addition, special prices are made for security companies. Belts of the Spanish legion, national police … you can find the preferred among a great variety of prices, suitable to all pockets. In addition, we have special discounts, depending on the product. In our page we have offers and discounts.

We serve in 24 / 48h, so there is no need to wait to get a police belt, watch belt or military belt. It can be bought comfortably from home, ensuring the purchase of belts at a good price with total security of transaction. Find the tactical belt that best fits your needs.

Tactical belt sold from Spain. Fast shipping and European guarantee. Here you can buy your tactical belt of great quality and at a good price.

Police and military collectibles patches

The patches of the different cops are one of the objects most valued by any collector who cares. To facilitate this task in the collection of these special patches, you can get all kinds of emblems identifying these bodies. From the patches of the Spanish Army of Earth, the Air and the Navy; To other bodies, such as those of the National Police, Civil Guard, Civil Protection or local or other units. Not missing some so relevant for its special design as the United States patches.

Any of them exist in different ways: in textiles, canvas, flocking, thermo-adhesive and transfers, among others.

We have patches and emblems of all cops. The collection of military patches is especially notable for its variety of units, fabrics and the brilliance of its materials. It will surely satisfy the demand of the most demanding collector who wants to have his favorite emblems, both in terms of the experience developed by these bodies of defense and because he wants to expand his sample.

The offer goes even further by completing a variety of suggestive proposals for collecting military patches from other countries, such as the United States or Italy. Customers will have no problem finding the model they are looking for to expand their collection. Representation of security forces Among the wide range that the collectors have at their disposal, it stands out for its special relevance that the purpose is the collection in police patches. Whatever your unit: national, local, regional or even other nations. Of them they highlight the patches of the National Police or Mossos d’Esquadra. The offer is completed with others of suggestive appeal for the collection, as in the specific cases of the guards or guards, or precedents of the Italian police. Collection of police patches, with a wide range of emblems. The collection of patches in police, armies and security bodies are present through a broad proposal of these products.

Tactical knife

The best thing for people who like mountain survival and adventure is to have a tactical knife. It is the most common police razor and a rompecristales razor. It serves for all kinds of situations, cuts many materials and is used as a knife for emergencies in times of need.

The razor cuts belts comes with a case and is very light, its blade is no more than 11 centimeters and is very easy to use. It is usually stored in its sheath, since the blade is extremely sharp. It is the most common razor between the police and emergency personnel and security thanks to its variety of uses and power. Why have a tactical knife? It is the most effective and subtle way to defend itself, since its small size and sharp blade make it an essential object in any situation of need or danger. They are compact tactics and resistant. They emphasize its easy handling and its good mechanisms of fixation, with edges that, sometimes, have forms of saw. The difference with knives is that they are foldable. This type of utensils is quite cheap and is available to anyone who needs it, but when considered a weapon, you have to be careful when carrying it. It is more advisable if one is an expert. Our shop offers a great variety of knives of all kinds and knives, machetes and other weapons. We put at the disposal of the client police and emergency and safety equipment with an unbeatable value for money. Being an online store, it is very easy to look what you need and go bring it. Adding to the cart your purchase, you can pay with card or PayPal comfortably so that the order arrives home as soon as possible.

Walther P99 gun case

Buy your Walther P99 gun case in Insigpol, we will send it in 24/48 hours.

The Walther P 99 pistol is a semiautomatic pistol designed in Germany for police, security agencies and Olympic shooting fans to replace Walther P5 and P88 pistols. The design of this new weapon began in 1994, and began to be manufactured soon after. Initially it was introduced in 9 × 19 mm Parabellum caliber, but later a .40 S & W caliber version was created for the North American market, which was launched in 1998. This gun deserves a holster that matches its quality. We can not in a gun case for an airsoft gun. If you have a real weapon, the sheath has to be appropriate for that weapon. The Walther P99 has a polymer body and metal slide, treated with “Tenifer”, a process that inhibits corrosion. It has an internal hammer which acts as a hammer, which has a red dot painted on its back, which is visible when the weapon is mounted (so you can see if the weapon is mounted or not). It also has a bullet indicator in the chamber on the right side of the slide. In insigpol you can find several weapon cases for the Walther P99 pistol. Do not miss to see his catalog. Remember, if you have an old Walther P99 case, it probably will not suit your new pistol.

The Walther P99 has four internal locks, adjustable sights in both drift and lift, accessories rail, ambidextrous magazine catch button incorporated in the guardrail, and the back of the handle can be exchanged to improve the grip according to the Hand of the shooter The AS and QA models also incorporate a button to disassemble the weapon. This device is very good, since it consists of a key located on the upper back part of the slide, and it works as follows: Once a cartridge has been inserted in the chamber, pressing the mentioned key, the system is dismantled Of thrown percussion needle, the gun being able to make a first shot by pulling back the tail of the trigger, just as if it were a double acting revolver. A redesign of the Walther P99 was introduced in 2004 that is the one we know today, incorporating a modified guardamonte arch that eliminated the “ski ramp” that is clearly visible in the photos of the weapon. This was done on the recommendation of some shooters who complained about the comfort of the previous style.

The company Walther also took the opportunity to redesign the slide so that it had better grip, and notably, changed the rail of accessories of own design by one of the type called Weaver. Some models built in 2005 and all subsequent models received a design change plus: a button to release the larger loader. Thus we see that this short weapon has evolved, and is, the Germans, are good at making weapons

Police uniform complements

Recognize it: you’ve always wanted to show off your own police costume, but it could not be, since it gives you a cut to go to a store to ask if they have what you need. This is an obstacle you no longer have in your way, since, from Insigpol, we come to your rescue. On our site you can find everything you need to keep your friends and family open when they see you show up in your New York police costume.

For example, with that cap so characteristic that you like so much. You have everything, so if you prefer the typical American police costume, you can also access different badges of the United States. Our star item to dress up as a police officer is the New York Police Officer’s Jacket, which along with the police officer’s badge and cap, is now a complete secret police costume for this city. But there are more: emblems, patches and all the utensils that an agent needs, from priority lights for vehicles to flashlights.

And, in addition, we leave your creativity free, since you can configure the disguise as you want and only need to request the articles that you consider convenient. We take you home and quickly the police costume you always wanted to look. Although in Spain you can not disguise yourself as a Spanish or Spanish policeman, you can buy some things from the national police. Or the Civil Guard. And the regional police. Even for collecting. Among many other things, we have, for you, badges of the Ertzaintza or Mossos d’Esquadra Catalonia Police.

At Insigpol you will find everything you need. But not only for the elderly, we also make it possible for the children of the house to spend a lot of time in our children’s costume. So you know: enter our website, click on the right and on the shopping cart icon, and, in a matter of hours, when you look in the mirror, you will find a police officer, This form, one of your old illusions. And disfurta of your carnival.

We ship fridge magnets in 24/48 hours

We ship fridge magnets in 24/48 hours.

There are many types of magnets that stick in the refrigerator that let you see the personality of the inhabitants of a house. If in a refrigerator there are magnets from the army, the police, or emergency corps, it means that there lives a professional security or rescue. There are magnets of many types, refrigerator magnets police that are to the liking of people who work or have closeness and esteem to law enforcement. The magnets that we can find in Insigpol, are very varied. There are refrigerator magnets firefighter, the Civil Guard, the National Police Corps and the Autonomous Police. Also magnets of the Legion and other policemen of the world.

We also have custom refrigerator magnets, if you send us a design we can do it to your liking. Nor can we forget about the fridge magnets army. As you can see, in Insigpol there are all kinds of fridge magnets. It is a very complete page that has all kinds of articles related to the State Security Corps and Forces, policemen from other parts of the world and firefighters. In the chapter magnets refrigerator army it is convenient to emphasize that there are of the different academies: of the Air, Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry or of NCO, among others. They are magnets that can be obtained by entering our online store and will be received at home by courier or post office in just 24 or 48 hours. We have magnets for the refrigerator with the logo of the different police forces of Spain and the Academies of the three armies.

Also from other police in the world. Buying online at Insigpol is very intuitive. The facilities to formalize the purchase are maximum. Buying these fridge magnets is very easy thanks to Insigpol. If you look carefully, in some way, the magnet has a certain resemblance to the stickers, but unlike those, its use is much cleaner and neat because only a metallic support is needed for placement. And after the retreat, there is no trace left. This is a very grateful article, because it is usually very colorful; Its design makes it very visual and attractive. How gift is very economical and makes you look good and for very little money. So if you have between your relatives and acquaintances to police, firefighters or military, your visit to Insigpol is obligatory.