What handgun holster to buy?
At Insigpol you will find a wide variety of handgun holsters for all types of pistols and revolvers made of leather, nylon and kydex.
Our holsters are for both real firearms and compressed air or blank firearms offering the best fastening methods. We also have police shoulder straps to keep your service pistol always at hand and to be able to carry it ergonomically. Insigpol has all the accessories and complements for your weapons such as magazine pouches, security gunsmiths, transport straps and both leather and nylon bullet cartridge holders, all of them with the best value for money. At our store Insigpol we put the best police and private security equipment at your disposal, available both in our physical store in Barcelona (Spain) and online store, displaying a great variety of holsters for pistols and revolvers.

How to buy a gun holster?
The pistol holsters have different names depending on the country or area where you are. The best thing to do when buying a pistol or revolver holster is to specify for which weapon you are going to use that holster, so we will advise you which is the most appropriate holster for your weapon. Some people refer to a case as a holster, but in Spain we usually say just "case". There are shoulder covers, back covers, ankle covers, leg covers, bikini covers, etc. all of them can be made of leather, metal, kydex, PVC, nylon, etc.

Where to buy a holster for a pistol or revolver?
Pistol holsters are purchased at armories and specialty stores such as Insigpol. At Insigpol Store we have a large stock of items and all the permits so that you can buy holsters for pistols and revolvers. As professionals, we know that carrying a weapon has to be done safely in order to avoid possible accidents, or even attempts to steal a handgun. Officers who carry weapons know that carrying them safely is a must.

In the past, pistol or revolver holsters used to be a kind of leather bag  and they lacked design or did not have the shape of the weapon in question, but today both safety and design have improved considerably. So much has changed that it is now an important part of the uniformity of the security forces having these to protect the weapon in secure holsters with security closures.

The holsters for pistols and revolvers can be made of leather, nylon or plastic (in all its variables). What matters for a pistol holster is its functionality and durability. Within the wide variety of pistol holsters, we can already choose according to our tastes, needs and economic circumstances. Today's pistol holsters are totally necessary to carry the weapon with us and avoid greater evils, and if we go on duty as a civilian, we will never carry a holster tucked behind the belt without any holster, that would be a serious mistake . The waistband of a trouser is the last place to carry our weapon, that is why Insigpol store offers you holsters for pistols and revolvers that adapt to your needs.

Why buy from Insigpol?
You can buy in many stores that are called specialty stores, no doubt. But at Insigpol Store we are professionals with wide knowledge on covers and if you come to our physical store in Barcelona we can advise you. Before making the online purchase in our store, read the descriptions of our gun holsters, there we advise you on which holster to buy for each type of weapon.

Insigpol has handgun holsters, revolver holsters, anklet holsters, shoulder holsters, and more. Our holsters for short weapons are used to carry the weapon with maximum safety and comfort. We offer you our covers for police services and escorts. We have inner covers, plainclothes covers, tactical leg covers, and even shoulder covers. Premium quality pistol and revolver holsters.