Aerospace aluminum kubaton of different types.

Chip Kubaton plastic. In Spain, Kubatons are legal as they are not considered weapons.


What is a kubotan ? The best "weapon" of personal defense

Have you heard about kubotans? This article of personal defense has its origin in the classic Japanese weapons used in martial arts. Here we will give you all the details about its origin and the types that exist.

At Insigpol we always aim to offer maximum security to our customers, thanks to our tactical products. Among them, we would like to draw your attention to one whose roots go back to traditional Japan: the kubotan. Do you want to know more about one of the best personal defense weapons?

The kubotan: from Japan to the American police

Soke Kubota Takayuki is not only one of the greatest karate masters in history, but also the inventor of the kubotan. Based on the classic Japanese weapons Dokko, Suntetsu and Tenouchi. He created this self-defense tool with a size of between 14 and 20 cm and a diameter of 1.5 centimeters. This weapon was designed from the outset as a personal defense weapon that served to immobilize and disarm attackers, since its main uses are to apply pressure to specific areas of the attacker's body, often on their hands or fingers and as reinforcement. to the blow of the bearer.

This practical self-defense tool caught the attention of several US police forces, since it allowed them to defend themselves against attackers without causing them severe damage. That is why Master Kubota himself agreed to train the police in its use, since being a small tool with limited uses, good prior training was necessary to make effective use of it. After this, the American policemen were able to verify how the kubotan was really effective at paralyzing violent attackers, which made this tool popular as a self-defense weapon.

Types of kubotan: which is the best one?

As with other self-defense tools, the kubotan has continued to advance and take different forms, adapting to the requirements and needs of people. In this way, today at Insigpol Store you can find different types:

Classic Kubotan: this is the model that most closely resembles the one originally devised by Master Kubota. You can find it in different materials such as PVC or aerospace aluminum, a material that makes it valid for other uses such as breaking glass in an emergency. However, there are also kubotan that do not end in a point, but in a circumference such as the Kubotan Cold Steel Koga, very useful as an intermediate impact tool.

Kubotán with interchangeable tips: this model available at Insigpol aims to offer our customers different types of tools in just one. Therefore, the different classic tips on the kubotan, such as the rounded or the sharp, can be interchanged in this self defense tool. This kubotan was also created using PVC which gives it maximum resistance and durability, with little weight for the wearer.

Kubotan pen: the way of using this instrument of tactical defense caused that improvised kubotan were found in other objects of our day to day such as pens. That is why this pen-shaped kubotan was designed that is not only smaller and lighter, but also easier to carry due to its lightness and discretion. In addition, some models have an extra key for your shackles.

You can see all the types of kubotan as well as other tactical defense products on our YouTube channel.

The kubotan has proven to be a perfect self defense tool, do you want to know more about them? Do not hesitate to contact us through our email admin@insigniaspolionales.com