At Insigpol you can buy merchandising items featuring the National Police, Civil Guard, Mossos, Local Police, Security Guards, firefighters, military and everything related to police, military and collecting.

From magnets to posters, rings, patriotic articles and all kinds of merchandising in the sector. We have military and police merchandising from the United States of America and also national.

Our merchandising items are of quality and most of them are manufactured in our country. Here you will find all kinds of ideal material to give to a policeman, military or emergency personnel as a gift. We also have a wide range of products for collectors. Film or Movie production companies are other regular customers at our store as they buy varied items to use as props in their series and movies. Insigpol is the manufacturer of most of what you can see and buy here. 

All kinds of police material, magnifying effect stickers, national police mugs, Civil Guard mats, pens, ashtrays that are now used as keys. We have all the police and military merchandising you may need.