Which patches can I buy from Insigpol?

In our store you can buy American police patches and military patches. Most of these patches are embroidered, some are iron-on patches and others come ready to be sewn onto your jacket or tactical backpack. We have different types of patches in our store and almost all of them are original. We recommend that you read the description before making the purchase.

United States Police Patches

Buy the original patches from American police forces, both local police and state and federal police. At Insigpol we have a good number of North American police patches. The most purchased patch in our store is the NEW YORK CITY POLICE PATCH.

The patch that we like the most and you will see in many movies is the United States Border Patrol Patch and the United States Border Patrol Patch right sleeve. The best known as much or more than the New York police is the CSI LAS VEGAS CHEST PATCH and the CSI LAS VEGAS ARM PATCH. You already know that you can buy all these patches both for collection and to put on your jacket

United States military patches

Here you can buy original American military patches. Most of these you can see in series and movies, or to the country if you travel to the USA. The patch that customers buy the most in this section are the MARINE CORPS RED AND GREEN PATCH, the MARINES SEMPRE FI PATCH and the MARINE CORPS RED PATCH and it is that the Marines patches are very popular. These patches can also be put on backpacks, jackets or jackets, caps, etc. For example, if you have a garment with gray tones, you can sew the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE PATCH. You can do a lot of combinations.