Insigpol is proud to offer the widest variety of  badges in high quality finishing

Made from the finest metals, golden badges are finished in 18 or 24 carat gold plate, while silver badges are finished in metal nickel alloy to avoid silver gloss damage. 

Who can buy badges in our store?

The police badges that you can buy at Insigpol are available to any collector and are free sale, except for some of them which are exclusively for members of the Security Forces or for cinema and theatrical purposes and can only be bought at our physical store after professional identification. Old, former, and obsolete badges are also free to buy, and can be freely purchased for collectibles. The same applies to police badges from other countries. Justice professionals can also buy justice related items in our store, for example, judicial experts who visit us can buy the judicial expert badge of different specialties. The same goes for unofficial badges created for collectibles and props. Some of these badges are registered trademarks owned by Insigpol and you will only find them in our store.

Is there more material in Insigpol?

At Insigpol we have the most extensive catalog of Police Badges, military badges, Civil Guard badges, etc. Most of our badges are regulated and for official use. If you acquire them for collection you can do so, but you cannot wear them on a uniform, if you do not have the diploma or title that allows you to display such insignia. Insigpol has military and police medals, crosses, parcels, currency holders, military, police and civilian journal pins, official and civilian patches, key chains, pins, tie clips and many other items.

What do we understand by insignia?

We can say that a badge is a distinctive, it is an object that represents an entity, or a recognition or a rank. Metal badges, pins, patches, medals, crosses, etc. can be considered badges. That is why in our store we have included all these items under the BADGES category.

Police badge collectibles

Who says police equipment, anything else. From a police shirt to any item of collecting police, as police badges, army patches or pins.You have different ways to make your purchase. The best, safest and fastest is our online store. Our online store is a secure page.To purchase just go to the store is best to register. We will ask only the postal data, address to deliver your order, and a phone number if there is a problem. Although police are buying or collecting materials, this will come in a discreet package or a normal bag for transport.

Buy good quality police equipment. The system will not even ask when it’s your birthday, or if you are a man or a woman, or the like. If you ask your ID, you must place if you want to invoice. It is preferable to put it, but if you want to, Insigpol will send your order as well. That if, if you buy a gun or any other weapon detonating we sell in our shop although not a real gun, if you must enter your ID, is required by law, although that is airsoft handgun, blasting, etc. If you buy a handgun holster, it would not be necessary.Then when you get the confirmation email you put into your account when you register the password, you can enter your account and start buying. You can put the items you want in the shopping cart, and will at all times the total. Before finishing the order can remove or add products, and can also see the cost of transport. I make sure you put in your basket that you really need, because once the order is very complex cancel.

For more details on this we invite you to see our shipping terms. As explained, after making the purchase, you will receive an email to your email account, which will include the bill for what you bought. Besides that, you can always go into your account and see everything you bought and extract bills need of all your purchases.In Insigpol everything you see you can buy anyone as it is understood that or you are an industry professional or collector. For example, a professional can buy a blue FLASHING, to give it a proper use, but you should not buy a collector. If you do, you can buy, but you can not use it as you would a policeman was not authorized. You can give other uses decorate a trunk of a car tuned, or a mobile DJ booth, etc. You can buy all our police badges for sale, because we understand that you are a collector, and we know that collecting plate police is widespread.I do not like what I bought, not what I expected and I want it back.In this case the law is very clear. If the purchase is made online, you have two weeks to return. That if in any case the product may be used or may not have the original packaging. Neither they can be returned by law personalized items such as plates engraved with police number, custom metopes, etc. Once returned and upon confirmation of the return, Insigpol will give you a voucher to use at any time. Insigpol not return the cash. Only the money back if the product can not provide it asks us for being this exhausted or discontinued.Buy in our physical store of police equipmentthe return process is the same except that instead of two weeks, the customer tends only a week to return. You should always bring your ticket purchase, otherwise you will not be able to attend. This is essential for our suppliers, when we send equipment in bad condition, want to know on what date it was purchased, for an issue of guarantees.

If you do not bring the ticket, although we agree that you purchased the product, you will not be able to attend, to our regret. IN NO EVENT Insigpol returns anti-pucture materials or anti-cut as a anti-cut vest or gloves. Nor refund medals, decorations and badges,patches, pins, tie clips or any similar product capable of being used in a parade, photographic or similar session. Especially those items with emblems or military or police shields. The remaining material as portaplacas portfolios, cases for professional belt, knives, etc. can be returned. If you have questions you can contact us.If the customer does not want to buy online you can call us from 9.30 to 13.30 and you can buy. As long as they are not personalized items. Payment will contraindication, and only serve peninsula and the Balearic Islands, nothing more.