What kind of local police wallets and badge holders can you buy from Insigpol?

We have all kinds of badge holders and wallets for all badges used in Spain. We also have license badge holders for United States police officers. We have badge holders that adapt to all types of insignia. Browse on our Insigpol store and you will find what you need. In this subcategory you will find all kinds of badge holders and wallets that adapt to local police badges in Spain. Buy police material and equipment at Insigpol store. We have the best quality-price relationship in wallets and badge holders.

Who are the main users of our wallets and badge holders?

These wallets and badge holders have been designed to be used by police officers from both small towns and large cities. Thanks to these you will be able to carry your badge comfortably and safely and will allow you to clearly display it when necessary.

How to differentiate the badge holders of the Local Police and other police?

See what subcategory they are in. You can also tell by the hole where the plate goes, since it is normal for each wallet and badge holder to go with its "embedded" badge. Our badge holders and wallets are made of leather and have a good quality-price ratio. The Local Police badge holders and wallets are also used for many professional badges such as the escort badge, judicial experts, civil protection, etc. since the outline of these badges is practically the same and the measure as well.