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Can I buy a polo shirt from the Spanish National Police?

At Insigpol you can buy a polo shirt so similar to the polo shirt of the National Police that it will surprise you. We also have CNP poles of all specialties, and you can also buy police poles of already extinct specialties because they have all been reunited in one, and despite that, as we are nostalgic, we continue to give you the opportunity to buy them.

Are these polo shirts quality?

The polo shirts are made of cotton, very cool and comfortable to wear, and you can combine it with multi-pocket trousers or even jeans. This is how you will find UIP polo shirts, UPR polo shirts, the Scientific Police of the National Police and so on, all more discreet than the best-selling polo shirt in our store, which is the POLO NATIONAL POLICE POLO, very similar to the shirt. official body polo shirt. The latter make sure to use it where it does not lead to confusion since its resemblance to the regulation polo shirt is very high.

Can I wear the polo shirt on the street?

Use your common sense. We do not advise using these poles where the spanish police CNP is on duty because it could lead to confusion, but if in your area you do not do citizen security, the National Police should have no problem if you are wearing this polo shirt. It is casual clothing, it is not official police uniform.