Have your plaque customized with a text of your choice and a logo. National Police, Civil Guard and Civil logos available in our store. For other customized logos, please ask for quotation.


Can I buy a military or police metope at Insigpol?

It is not necessary that the buyer be a police or military. Anyone can buy and order a metope, be it military or police. Insigpol has a wide variety of metopes, some metopes are made of methacrylate and others are made of wood. Some are to hang on the wall and others to put on a standing table. All our metopes are customizable and if you buy them at Insigpol it will come out at a good price because we make the recordings ourselves and we already have vectorized all the shields and emblems of all the police and army forces. This also makes delivery fast and we can deliver your metope to you in a couple of days.

Can I change the dedication of the metope once ordered?

Complicated. Once closed, it will be written in the dedication or anything else, if the client notifies that he wants a change, Insigpol will make the change if it is on time, but if it is not possible because the work is already halfway or finished and this is a personalized product the customer will have to accept it without the right to return. This will happen in any store that buys something personalized, not just in Insigpol, so we ask you to make sure before you want to put in the text. However, Insigpol usually sends a "montage photo" of how the metope will look before recording the text on it, and once the OK client proceeds to personalize the metope.

Can I order the metope gift wrapped?

If you want it as a gift, you should buy the METOPA CASE. Here in this box or case the metope will be more presentable. If you don't want it, Insigpol will send you the metope in a cardboard box. Apart from this, Insigpol does not have wrapping paper. At INSIGPOL we offer you a wide variety of Metopas, police pictures and plates, military plates and Private Security plates. Perfect material for gifts or gifts in commemorative events or when a cash leaves a police station or barracks and you want to give him something as a farewell.