Where can I buy medals?

Here you can buy military medals, police medals and civil medals online. If you need medal ribbon you can buy it in units of half a meter and larger quantities on request. In this section of the Insigpol store you can also buy medal accessories and decorations.

Do we have a variety of different medals?

We have a large catalog of medals of all kinds such as merit medals, peace medals, commemorative crosses, and the MANDATORY MILITARY SERVICE MEDAL

that despite not being a regulated medal, it is used more and more in military uniforms. We could say that it is the military medal, the SMO Compulsory Military Service medal.

You will also find wings and badges that we have included in this section for your grant. We have different types of medals in bronze, silver and gold, and practically all come with a case, which makes them ideal as a gift to a military, police or civilian in the event that the title is available but not the medal.

Can I buy the medals online or only in a physical store?

Before buying your medal, make sure it is the one you really want, because once the package has been sent and opened it cannot be returned. All our medals are of quality and before sending them we make sure that they are in good condition and that they will arrive well, using the appropriate packaging for shipping if you make your purchase online. If you are going to buy in our physical store we are in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and you can pay with a credit card. Check schedules before coming.