Can I buy a Mosso t-shirt without being a cop?

In Insigpol you can buy t-shirts of the Catalan police Mossos d`esquadra of all specialties and for this you don't have to be a policeman. The mossos shirt that our customers buy the most is the generic one, which has the logo or emblem on the front in small, and on the back it reads MOSSO D`ESQUADRA in large. Many customers also buy shirts from mossos de los GEI, which is the Catalan Special Intervention Group, whose homologation in the rest of Spain would be the GEOs. They also buy a lot the Air Media T-shirt and the Canine Unit Mosso T-shirt.

What is the mosso shirt that you buy the most in Insigpol?

And of course, one of our best-selling star t-shirts is the Brimo t-shirt, the Mobile Brigade, closely followed by the ARRO t-shirt, both specialties are from the anti-riot specialty. The good thing about wearing these shirts is that Catalan police officers will know that you are wearing a police shirt, but most civilians will not. When will the Mossos d`Esquadra shirt arrive? Insigpol ships your t-shirt the same day of purchase or the next and you can also buy it at our Insigpol store in Barcelona, ​​Spain.