Personalized police and military items

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Does Insigpol have personalized gifts?

We are here to help you. We are Insigpol, the ally you are looking for those of you who need personalized gifts to give to the men and women who earn their living working as police, military or firefighters. Also for those others who, without belonging to these guilds, are very attracted to them.

Our website and store is the perfect place for those thinking of making personalized gifts. In statistical terms, currently the male gender feels a greater attraction for this type of product.

The truth is that Insigpol has a very varied catalog, in which you can find almost everything that is related to the security sector. But it is especially attractive when it comes to personalized gifts for police officers.

For example, the the Civil Guard Plaque in methacrylate, on which you can add personalized text. The emblem and phrase are laser engraved. Legion and Mossos d'Esquadra plaques are also available.

Do you doubt what to give to policemen, civil guards and firefighters?

At Insigpol we give you the solution. With us you can find everything, from Benemérita's keychains to military berets, local police caps from Spain with a checkerboard or the Treasure Department badge of the United States Department of the Treasury.

All the people related to the sector recognize that ours is a very complete website, with a very extensive catalog that makes it possible to acquire personalized items for police officers. You could even buy a FBI credential. Of course, these are fictional and meant for collection.

And also in a simple way, something that is appreciated because buying this type of object is usually complicated. There are few stores with these characteristics and they are not often too close.

At Insigpol you have the gift that you would like to give to those hard-to-please people who like everything related to security and defense.

Insigpol is close to you too. To be able to access all of our stock you only need to enter the online store, something that you can do comfortably from your living room or from your work computer at that time of day when you are allowed to take a break.

We also have a wide variety of personalized items for firefighters. And a very fast shipping system through courier or Post. Orders will be delivered within 24 to 48 working hours in cases where the requested items are in stock. We accept Paypal payment.

At Insigpol you can buy all kind of personalized items for police officers, security guards and the like.

For example, in our store you can buy personalized badged, and numbered. We make badges for local policemen (you can buy the local police badge for Spain and the local police badge for Catalonia), and badges for municipal guards to those municipalities that, due to their small population, do not have police, but whose mayor wants the municipal guards to go correctly identified. If desired we can also make personalized police patches with the patch number included.

We also have custom patches with agent number.

They are small leather patches that are personalized with the agent number, and come with male and female velcro. We have the same but in metal too. It is a customizable identification badge, gold or silver plated, where we engrave the agent number, or the position. This badge is sometimes also bought for other uses ... for example, they are bought by hotels to identify job charges like "reception" or the like.

One of the personalized items that customers buy from us the most are plaques. We have plaques for police and other security forces. The plaque can also be used as recognition of merit, a farewell to a section of the body, for retirement, etc.


It is a nice gift. Fully customizable with the text or anagram that the client wants. Our plaque is cheap if you compare it with others on the market, and in the same quality.