Original police jackets imported from the United States.


At Insigpol you can buy American federal and police jackets. We also have Marines jackets and others.

Most of these garments are original and imported from the USA. You can buy from an FBI jacket to New York police jacket, American military and Spanish army ones too. Most of our jackets are not second hand. We bring them new for you.

Are these nice jackets useful?

To help keep your body warm and dry and safe you from the rain in the most adverse conditions, police jackets are essential garments specially created to protect against adverse weather conditions. The jackets that you will find at Insigpol are made with the best materials. They are light and comfortable to wear while protecting you against the rain thanks to high waterproofing. Also look for hats, tactical gear, and t-shirts to match your jacket at Insigpol. Discover our offers in the Outlet section at Insgipol, your trusted online and police material store.

What other things can I buy at the Insigpol store?

At Insgpol we offer you complements and accessories for police officers from all over the world and also for the National Police Corps, Civil Guard and all kinds of articles related to the State Security Forces and Private Security. In our assortment you can find police clothing as well as world police jackets, CNP, Civil Guard, Military, emblems, badges and police badges and many other products of police equipment. Find everything you are looking for at Insigpol Store. We will ship it within  24/48 hours.

Are these New York  police jackets original? 

These jackets s such are imported from the United States and are the same jackets worn by American agents.

What differences are there between the jackets used by the American police and those featured by insigpol?

As we explained, these jackets are imported from the United States. We buy them from the original manufacturer but they do not arrive in our country as the final product that you buy. All the lettering and patches are added here. Patches are sewn to the jacket and vinyls with letters and other prints are stamped on jackets to get the final product.

Are these jackets American?

These jackets are imported from the original manufacturer in the United States and they are an American imported product. However, the fact that many of the products imported from the United States do not read "made in USA" on the labels may cause confusion among some our customers. Please bear in mind that the vast majority of products being imported and exported from the different countries in the world are partly or totally manufactured in Asian countries due to globalization but this does not mean that this jacket in particular and other imported products from the United States are not American. Think of your mobile phone, for example.

Are these jackets embroidered in America?

The embroidered patches are also imported from the United States and are originals. However, they are sewn to the jacket here, not in the country of origin, which is irrelevant for the final product.

Is there only one type of this police jacket available in our store?

Actually, we have two model types in assorted sizes that can be sent indistinctly depending on the stock. We have a totally plastic both inside and outside, and another one with thin textile material in the inside as well as an interior pocket. Both are worn in America but the most common one is the one with plastic both inside and outside.