This category badges belong to states of Spain.


What badges can I buy in this category?

For example, you can buy the Ertzaina badge, the Basque police. This badge is the one they used on the uniform and right now it is only used in galas, parades, and similar events. You can also get the badge used by the police of the Valencian Community, this badge is used by many local police, especially the interim. The plate that they buy the most from us is the Mossos plate, although online you can only buy a replica with clear differences from the original, if you come to the physical store and identify yourself as a police officer you can buy an exact copy of the original badge.

What is the badge that you buy the most?

Our best-selling badge is the Catalan police badge. This badge, despite not being an approved or regulated badge, is a very useful piece for those temporary officers who do not have a badge and wish to accompany their temporary police credential with a badge. The plate is used only in Catalonia as it is a regional plate, it is made of metal and is completely flat, which makes it ideal to put in a plate holder portfolio. It has a rhomboid shape like all Catalan police plates, both metallic and patches. You can buy it without crediting yourself as it is not a regulated badge.

Are there plate holders for all these badge?

If you read the description of our badges you will see that in most of these texts it says with which plate holder the plate in question is compatible. Each plate has at least one compatible plate holder. Our license plate holders are mostly made of leather, some made of quality nylon or cordura. All our items have a two-year European guarantee.