Police pin, army pin and civil pin.


Are there Civil Guard pins?

At Insigpol we have all kinds of pins of the Civil Guard, police, military, private security, and national police of Spain. We have a wide variety of pins of all kinds. Buy it now on the website of police and military equipment Insigpol online store and we will send you immediately. In Civil Guard pins we have a lot of variety. You can also buy in our physical store in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

What is the most purchased pin on Insigpol?

Our metal pin of the Spanish national police is the most sold pin in our store. It is followed by the Civil Guard pin with the ax and the sword. And later, but by far, the Mossos pin would be our third best-selling pin.

Can I buy just a pin?

Even if you only buy a pin that is worth three euros, you can make the purchase at Insigpol. Keep in mind that you will always pay postage. If you only buy for three euros, you will also pay the postage, which will be 5.50 euros. Before finishing the purchase, take a look at our store, and surely you can take advantage of it since you will also pay the postage to buy something else. Our store is fully trusted, and we have both an online store and a physical store.

Do you want to buy pins in large quantities?

With the experience in pins that we have, we know how to manufacture the highest quality pins. The minimum order quantity is 200 units. We can manufacture 2 D pins, printed pins, 3 D pins, these pins are made of brass or zamak (cheap metal), they are given an 18 carat gold bath and a sterling silver bath to those who are silvery. To get a good price, you have to buy a very high number of pins. Zamak is an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. They are made with the design and colors that you send us.