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Medal honor of Spanish National Police


How does the Spanish national Police Dedication Medal look like?

According to BOE 2011/05/30 / PDFS / BOE-A-2011-9387 Police Dedication Medals of XX years and XXV years must measure 40x40 mm., And that of XXX years should measure 45x45 mm. INSIGPOL only sells medals according to BOE legislation. In other stores you may find different measures from those regulated on BOE, for example dedication medal of XXX 30 years in the same size as those of 20 and 25 years. This is an error because the 30-year-old should have a different measure according to BOE.

How are police medals worn?

To know how to wear a medal visit:,2,328 in your P. 54 onwards.

Are these medals regulated?

All of them are regulated and made under BOE regulations. In that we are very neat and demanding.

Buy police and military decorations.

Sometimes the Police merit medals are granted to people who have nothing to do with the police field, for example, journalists, entrepreneurs, athletes, and even mechanical in some cases, but above all, especially politicians are granted them. On one occasion even a virgin was granted one. To avoid this, we should differenciate dedication medals from merit medals, of what are favors done by people who from outside the police area do actions or have behaviors of extraordinary relief that will result in the prestige of the body of the civil guard or of the National Police. But the we ask ourselves a question:

How are police decoration medals worn?

We explain it below.

Police decorations:

Dedication Medal for 30 years of dedication to the service of the National Police. Worn on the neck.

Cross Medals:

Cross Medal with red distinctive

Cross Medal with white distinctive.

Medals of twenty-five years of dedication to service of the National Police. Cross of  25 years dedication to the police service.

Medal of 20 years of dedication to the police service.

Hooked in pocket:

Plaque of 35 years dedication to the service of the National Police.

To adapt to the demands of the time they would make changes to the police merit medal by replacing the bronze medal by the cross with red distinctive or with white distinctive. Law 5/1964 of April 29.

With these changes it was intended to establish greater precision in the reasons why they would be granted in any of the categories.

The cross to the police merit

It is a regular octogum of 8 millimeters on the side and in the center and on golden enamel has a vertical, enameled and adorned sword of Laurel.