If you're looking for high-quality and affordable pistol and revolver shoulder holsters - you'll find the best shoulder holsters at great prices in Insigpol.


What armpit cases for weapons will I find at Insigpol?

At Insipol you will find a wide variety of armpit covers for all kinds of pistols and revolvers and manufactured with the best materials. Cases for real arms, compressed air and any other kind with the best brand clamping methods. Armpit cases to carry your regulated weapon always at hand and comfortably. All kind of accessories for your weapons, to complete your equipment, holders, belts and cartridge belts. In our store Insigpol we offer you the best police and private security equipment at the best price. Search our sales and outlet sections for cases at incredible prices.

How to refer to the different cases for weapons?

Cases for weapons have different names depending on the country where you live, how you wear them, the type of weapon it holds, etc. But in Spain they are known as gun holders or cases. There are a variety of pistol cases. Leg pistol cases, hip pistol cases, armpit cases ... There are also available in different materials.

Where to buy gun cases?

Gun cases are purchased in specialised stores such as Insigpol. At Insigpol we have all the permissions so sell pistol cases. We will also give you expert information to make sure that you choose the best case type for your weapon and carry it comfortably. It is common to wear a gun in a case and they are easy to find for professionals in stores like Insigpol. In the past they used to be more like a leather bag but  today fashion has been changing and it has become an essential part of the uniform of the security staff and professionals. Gun ases can be made of leather, synthetic fabric or nylon. What really  matters is that the pistol case is functional and durable. There is a wide range of gun cases to choose from, depending on your tastes and needs. Gun cases today are totally necessary to carry the weapon with us and avoid major evils. The waist of your pants is not a good place to carry a weapon. That is why we need a good case for each type of weapon