Are these lapel badges official?

Mostly, yes. Here you will find approved lapel emblems for police and military uniforms. Regulated badges for official use. When you buy, a pair will always be sent, one for each shirt collar or lapel, there are always two. Emblems can be in the form of shields, rhombuses, wings, etc.

Is there enough stock?

Insigpol has original and high quality Spanish and United States lapel pins. Our best-selling lapel pins are those of the Civil Guard. We are increasing the stock of lapel emblems, if you do not find your lapel emblem or shield, please contact us.

When will I get the emblems if I buy online?

They will arrive within a day or two (national shipments). We are very fast and we know that if you buy, you want it fast because you need it. It is the same if it is for a parade or any event. Insigpol will meet the deadline.