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The best thing to do for people who like the mountains, survival and adventure is to have a tactical knife.

It is the most common police knife and a glass breaking knife. It is suitable for all types of situations, cuts many materials and is used as an emergency knife in times of need. The belt cutter comes with a sheath and is very light, its blade does not measure more than 11 centimeters and it is very easy to use. Normally, it is kept in its sheath, since the blade is extremely sharp. It is the most common knife among the police force and emergency and security personnel thanks to its variety of uses and power.

Why have a tactical knife?

It is the most effective and subtle way to defend yourself, since its small size and sharp blade make it an essential object in any situation of need or danger. They are compact and resistant tactical knives. Its easy handling and good fixing mechanisms stand out, with edges that sometimes have saw shapes. The difference with knives is that they are foldable. This type of utensil is quite cheap and is available to anyone who needs it, but, as it is considered a stab weapon, you must be careful when carrying it with you. It is more advisable if one is an expert. Being an online store, it is very easy to look at what you need and have it delivered. By adding your purchase to the cart, you can pay by card comfortably so that the order arrives home as soon as possible. Currently PayPal does not allow you to buy navjas in our online store.

Buy tactical knives. Buy pocket knives with the best value for money at Insigpol.

The knife is more of a tool than a weapon and in fact in Spain more than a thousand knives are sold every day and the vast majority are bought as gifts, although there is a popular saying that knives are not given away, so those who we give away knives sometimes we ask for something in return. Nowadays all kinds of pocket knives are manufactured, although the typical ones are the Albacete pocket knives, we each like a specific type of pocket knife, and today we write about the tactical pocket knife that for us is somewhat special, more than for its form, by two of the utilities that it incorporates.

These knives at first glance attract attention that they are designed with a ruler of angles perhaps inspired by an arrowhead, but that combines perfectly with the handle of the classic or futuristic knife. Some of these knives even have trademark rights. The blade of just over 8 centimeters of these unique pocket knives are made of stainless steel treated with a titanium bath and its black finish makes us like it as soon as we see it even though we are more than other types of pocket knives, and best of all is that it has been designed for tactical use that can be more than useful in an emergency, since it incorporates a tungsten glass breaker tip and a cutter housed in the back of the handle designed to quickly cut the seat belt.

Our design score for our knives is 10 and more if we take into account that the size is very suitable to carry it in any pocket, although it comes with a nylon sheath that will keep it protected from dust and dirt while we do not need it. The Rui or Aitor brand tactical knives for sale in this store are for military and police uses. They are compact tactical knives, resistant, easy to handle and with very good fixing mechanisms with edges that are sometimes serrated, which make them ideal for cutting and sawing. The main difference with combat knives is that the knives are foldable.