How many types of shackles are available?

The assortment of shackles for policemen and guards is large, you will surely find the one that fits you best. Note: If you have Yail brand shackles, buy the keys in a physical store because these shackles need the same brand keys to be opened. If you have Prosegur or Securitas shackles and you cannot find keys to open them, come and visit us, we have keys for these shackles. The shackles or handcuffs are part of the equipment that makes up the uniform of the state and private security forces. Police shackles are used by security forces such as the National Police and the Civil Guard and other regional and local police in Spain to keep a person under control. In this way, once placed (preferably shackled from behind), the freedom of movement of the detainee is restricted. If you buy handcuffs in our store, we will ship them to you within 24 hours.

The word handcuffs is not used in police or private security slang. When professionals in the sector refer to handcuffs, they use the word SHACKLES. Handcuffs, hooks, or shackles are a device used to hold a person's wrists together. There are many types of shackles on the market. The most popular are chain shackles. And secondly the hinge shackles. We have these and more at our online Insigpol store, in the SHACKLES section. Our shackles are made of metal, have a safety lock to prevent them from being too tight and thus not damage the shackled or handcuffed person, and they also all come with a set of two keys. Although we recommend buying larger shackle keys to work more comfortably.

What are the most purchased POLICE SHACKLES at Insigpol?

The hinge shackles, no doubt. These shackles prevent the mobility of the wrists and are the best sellers in our store. Within the category of POLICE SHACKLES the following stand out: shackles or handcuffs for police officers and for private security. We recommend the Alcyon brand shackles. They are the best.

What types of shackles are available?

We have a good variety of shackles of the highest quality. We have hinge, rigid, semi-rigid, lightweight shackles, also loop shackles and North American style pvc shackles. Are there complementary products? We have a large number of types of shackle keys. Our keys open all shackles or handcuffs. In addition you can also buy cases for shackles of all kinds, leather and nylon