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In our store you can also find cut and puncture resistant gloves. In this section you have tactical and frisk gloves of the most popular brands used by private security, police and military professionals. You can buy these gloves in our online and physical store.
The have a large stock and assorted available sizes.

Where to buy tactical and frisk gloves?

Tactical gloves can be bought in specialized stores like Insigpol. In our store specialized in police equipment you will find tactical gloves for shooting or patting down suspects. You have a wide variety of brands and types of gloves to choose from. The protection that tactical and frisk gloves give us has become especially important now due to the Covid19 pandemic and hygiene protocols in general.

What tactical gloves to buy?

Here you will find tactical gloves of the best brands and manufacturers of tactical and safety equipment such as Vega, Mechanix, Foreventure and Insigpol. First- quality tactical gloves meant for professionals and made with the best technology and required materials for police, military and security professionals. Visit our store in Barcelona and buy them at the best price. Here's a question often asked by our customers. To answer this question you have to take into account the needs of each professional, such as the task that they carry out, the place and conditions of their work, the type of tools that will need and every detail by small it is. The country in which we are going to develop the activity also counts, as it can be wet, hot, cold, etc. With all this we have to think what is the use we are going to give to our gloves, if it is for patting down suspects, for shooting, for self-defence, etc. For frisking we recommend our Miltec brand. They are good and cheap gloves. For military actions choose Mechanix gloves, and for police performances our high-touch anti-tactic gloves.