Police belts and military belts. Proffesional belts in different sizes and materials.



Is it necessary to use a specific belt for safety professionals?

Within the world of police equipment and private security, professional belts are an essential tool, which means that users have an instrument that facilitates carrying all their accessories and covers for both police and security guard.

The functions of police belts will depend on the needs of each professional and the accessories and / or tools they need to work. The purpose of our belts goes beyond those of a normal-use belt, as they must also offer safety, ergonomics, and accessibility to accessories quickly and safely.

Who usually wears professional belts?

Normally, the service belt is a tool widely used in all bodies and state or private security forces, so we are talking about almost absolute use. Thus, police officers of the different bodies and civil guards and private security guards, have police belts in their day to day as necessary tools allied for their work, also like their counterparts in other countries, and even the armies around the world.

In addition to security guards and police forces, service belts also play a leading role in the field of emergencies. In these cases, many times, the situations in which a specific tool has to be used are experienced individually and without any type of support, since they are professionals who in many cases work alone or in pairs such as the emergency technicians, which makes it absolutely essential in every situation. We therefore speak of the belt as an essential instrument also in the field of emergencies.

Today, many tactical belts are worn by police, military and private security forces around the world. There is a great diversity of models. Many call them tactical belts, double belts, velcro belts, but in the end they all refer to the same belt that, despite having many variables, is the same thing.

Tactical belts for police use or for security professionals in Spain, in their outer part, have a thickness of 5 centimeters, and interior of 4 centimeters, allowing belt loops and the pants. Basically the idea was for a belt to hold the pants on one side  and all the accessories, such as walki-talki, shackles, defense and everything that the professional may need, on the other.

What are tactical belts made of?

If we talk about the police belt, it is obvious to point out that the quality has to be high. The most common and resistant materials in this field are those made of nylon or string, since they are ergonomic, resistant materials, and they are also washable. The belts are made up of buckles, usually with a security closure, some come with two loops to make the part of the belt that remains inside when folding it remains glued to it. The best-selling belt at Insigpol is the double one, made up of an outer and inner belt, both of which are fixed with velcro. The result of this is that the professional thus avoids having to pull up the pants, since the inner belt is tucked inside the trouser straps and the outer (the widest with a width of 5 centimeters) does not, since this goes on the outside. So if we need to remove the belt with all its accessories on it, we can do it quickly and we still have a second belt in the pants. This system has been used by police in the United States for decades.

We also have good, high-quality leather security guard belts, and don't forget that the holes to anchor them do not give way, making the belt have a longer life.

Why use a tactical belt and not a conventional one?

With the double tactical belt, we will avoid having to constantly pull up our pants, which happens due to the weight of all the accessories. Also because of the ease it gives if we have to remove all the accessories from above, because with a single click, they are already out.

Why do they call it a velcro belt?

Because it has velcro, both belts have it. The normal thing is that the one which goes on the outside has a  hard velcro and the inner belt has a soft velcro. But some manufacturers do it the other way round, by different criteria.
Some of the ways in which these tactical belts are named are, velcro police belt, security guard velcro belt, full police belt, military tactical belt, American tactical belt, etc. By the way, the latter is curious, if we take into account that the Americans give their belts 6 cm width, instead of 5 as we do in Spain and Europe.
Belt with safety closure.
Likewise, the vast majority of the belts that you will find at Insigpol have a safety lock. This prevents the belt from opening due to excess weight caused by the accessories that go in it, or because someone could pull the belt.
All of our tactical belts are black, although we also have green, camouflage, etc. military belts. We can say that black is the color of tactical belts par excellence.

Are there spare parts for the different parts of the belt?

At Insigpol all our tactical belts have spare parts. This means that if a buckle, loop, or the velcro of one of the two belts that make up the double belt breaks, you can buy them separately. In this way the buyer saves good money. Although it is not common, it is not impossible that a buckle or a part of it, can break, if you try to put it incorrectly and out of position.