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Insigpol headwear includes all items worn on the head.

These vital areas must always be protected from the sun, cold, wind and aggressions that may occur in an armed conflict. In our Insigpol store we have a wide variety of berets, hats, caps, helmets, hat, teresianas, military hats, all in different sizes and colors. Chambergo Military Bonnie Hat. At Insigpol you can buy a chambergo military bonnie hat and we ship it within 24 hours.

But, what is a chambergo bonnie hat?

It is a wide-brimmed hat. It is flexible and one part rises up on one side. Some hats can be fastened on its brim with a loop or other type of fastening. This type of hat is widely used by armies of all countries, especially where the climate is hot and sunny. We could also say that a chambergo bonnie hat is a military-type hat. There is another definition of chambergo hat, which refers to a long jacket in the shape of a jacket, but that is not what we are going to talk about in this post. Currently there are various types of chambergo hats at Insigpol, both online or in our physical store, that you can buy. We have the Spanish Rural Guarda chambergo (hat), in brown, the Spanish army hat, without emblems, also the legionary knight's hat, all of them in forest camouflage, digital camouflage, in brown and arid camouflage. Our military hats are the boonie type, made of cotton fabric with a wide edge that protects from the sun's rays.

They are a modern variant of the classic hat, they are used as part of the military uniformity of some military forces from different countries. In summary. Insigpol has a wide range of military chambergo hats with different camouflages of classic, Australian, vintage style, camouflage hats, plain, to go camping, to combine with everything. Our hats are original, strong and of quality. If you have never used a hat you will no longer be able to stop using it. They protect from the sun, you can wet them, twist them, they are resistant. You can use them whether you are an active military man or an airsoft fan. Many hunters also wear military-style chambergo hats, for their camouflage and comfort, as they protect from the sun.