SPANISH SECURITY GUARDS BADGES AND BODYGUARD BADGES. This category features badges and accessories for spanish private security personnel.


Is there an approved Private Escort Badge?

As of today, in Spain there is no homolaga badge for private escort as there is for security guard or explosives. If I buy the plate, when does it arrive and what does the postage cost? Your escort badge, whatever the model, we ship the same day or the next day. If you choose to ship by Post, be patient, as it will arrive in a few days. But if you choose express courier,it will arrive in 24 to 48 hours, depending on what time you have purchased the plate.

Is there a specific plate holder for the escort plates?

All the license plates with a sivern oval for this plate, but if you want to buy a specific plate holder for this plate you have the COMPACT PRIVATE SECURITY ESCORT PLATE HOLDER, ideal for the plate with compartments and spaces for cards.

Is it required to present the tip for your purchase?

No, it is not required. As it is not an approved plate, you do not need to present TIP or any documentation. You can buy it online in our store or also in our physical store in Barcelona, ​​Spain.