Universal Flat Aerospace Steel Key with Ring for Handcuffs Our best-seller key at Insigpol.

With our cases for handcuffs you will be able to take your handcuffs comfortably in your tactical belt and always have them accessible. They are manufactured in nylon and good quality leather and have different closing and clamping systems.

Buy the shackles/handcuffs case that best suits your needs. These and other short guns cases, Walkie Talkies cases, etc will help you carry them along comfortably, providing optimal protection and complementing your equipment. You will also find a wide variety ofshackles/handcuffs at our Insigpol store, specialized in police equipment and private security.

What brands are sold at insigpol?

You can buy cases and accessories from different brands and products of the highest quality in our store. INSIGPOL always tries the material before putting it on sale and all our shackles and accessories covers have European guarantee.

Are there other accessory products?

Our shackles/handcuffs are available in different kinds, both leather and nylon. We also have shackle/handcuffs keys of all kinds. Our best-seller case is the covered leather shackles/handcuffs case.

Can I buy these accessories without being a police or security guard?

This section is open to the general public and anyone can buy this type of equipment. It is not necessary to be a police or guard, although they are the most common customers in our store, both in the physical store and online. If you are not a security professional you cannot carry these shackles/handcuffs around in the street.

If you want to see by yourself and find the one that suits you best, come and visit us at C/ Segre, 57 in Barcelona, ​​Spain.