In this section we have some badges with badge case.

The badge case can be sent it with or without metal corner, depending on the stock.

Does Insigpol have wallets and plate holders for all the plates it has in stock?

Yes, we have all kinds of wallets and plate holders for all the plates that you can buy in our store without exception, because some of our wallets and plate holders are universal and can be used for all plates. So if a plate does not have a specific plate holder it can be put in one of these.

What material are plate holders and wallets made of?

At insigpol we have plate holders made of leather, and plate holders made of cordura. Both materials are valid and do their job. The durability is similar, although the sanity is washable, the leather must be cleaned with a damp cloth, and from time to time as it is still leather, it is good to apply moisturizing cream, leave it for a while so that the skin absorbs it and then remove the excess, so they will last much longer.