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Description of the Antique Special Operations Units (G.O.E.) Beret

This antique beret belonged to the Special Operations Units (G.O.E.) of the Spanish army (formerly C.O.E.). This beret started to be used from the year 1958. It was around the year 1988 when the emblem of the land army was added, in addition to the COE (non-metallic) and replacing the badges. From the year 1991, the metallic COE insignia was worn again along with the badges.

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COE Beret: A Testament to Military History and Valor

Description of the COE Beret

Introducing our COE beret, an entirely new and authentic piece of the Spanish army's history. This beret, emblematic of the Special Operations Group (G.O.E.), has been a significant garment since its introduction in 1958.

History of the COE Beret

The COE beret began to be used in the Spanish army's special operations units starting from the year 1958. In 1988, the emblem of the land army was added along with the non-metallic COE emblem, replacing the old badges.

The Evolution of the COE Beret

The design of the COE beret has evolved over time to reflect its growing importance and recognition. From the year 1991, the metallic COE insignia was reintegrated along with the badges, symbolizing the pride and commitment of the special operations units.

COE Beret


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