What tactical belt accessories can I buy here?

Here you can buy all kinds of accessories for the belt. From ring and leather tahalis, to glove holders, extendable keyrings, belts, carabiners, belt loops, notebook holders, fender holders, covers for defense sprays, fanny packs and leg loops, and much more. All our accessories for police or private security belts are custom made to fit professional belts and adapt to a width of 5 cm. For military belts with a width of 6 cms. please consult. Police belt accessories allow officers, security forces, security guards, rural guards to carry comfortably and always have basic police and security equipment at hand. You can add to your belt  flashlights, fenders, gun holster, cut-resistant gloves and all the accessories you need to exercise your professional activity. At Insigpol Store you will find accessories for plainclothes and uniform police belts and all the tactical equipment you may need. We have accessories with safety closure made of nylon and leather for police use and security guards. Accessories for Airsoft, accessories for Civil Guard belts, national police, and belt accessories for local police, mossos, military belt, rural guard belt, private safety belt, escort belt, force belts and security forces in general.

When will my purchase arrive?

If you selected express delivery during your purchase, your order will arrive within  24/48 working hours. In case you selected the mail option as a shipping method, you have to be patient. Correos (postal service) usually takes between 4 and 8 days to deliver orders within the country.

Are these belt accessories guaranteed?

All our police and private security equipment have a European guarantee. However, the warranty does not cover damage due to use or wear. For example, suppose that a security guard buys a glove holder and in a fight with someone it gets damaged or unsewn. Then it would not cover the guarantee. And it is that the material is not unbreakable. That is why this type of material is considered in all police equipment stores as "consumables", since both the velcro or the brackets that compose it tend to wear out naturally due to their use.