What patches to buy at Insigpol?

Insigpol is undoubtedly the online and physical store with the most police patches in Spain. In our store you can buy patches of the Civil Guard or the National Police, the approved patches of Security Guards and Field Guards, Hunting and Fishing, patches of the United States of both police and military, Civil Protection patches and other patches of Medical Emergencies and even toga patches for Judge, Magistrate,
Diploma in Labor Relations and any other patch that you can think of.

Can anyone buy these patches?

Yes, but the patches are for collectibles or as decoration for your casual clothes. You can't put on a uniform, put the patches on it, and try to pass yourself off as something you're not. Our patches are original and for official use, but can be collected or used to put on your tactical jacket or backpack. Make good use of them. Most patches come with velcro on the back, which makes donning easy, but some come without velcro and are sew-on. Read the description of your patch before making the purchase.

If I buy a patch, how long does it take to get it?

If you choose the express courier delivery method when placing your order, it will arrive in 24/48 hours if we have it in stock, and one more day if we have to manufacture it. If, on the other hand, you have chosen the postal service, the order will take a few days and we do not give a delivery time as it depends on the postal service. When you receive your order, check that everything is in order and the envelope or package has arrived in good condition and unopened. We do not accept returns of police, military or any other type of patches once the purchase is received, unless it is due to manufacturing defects .