©Insigpol is an authorized manufacturer and dealer of homologated Spanish Private Security Badge and Private Explosives Security Badge. Homologated Security badges and other popular badges carried by professionals are featured on this site.


Insigpol is authorized by the Spanish National Police to manufacture the official Security Guard badge and Explosives Security Guard badge.

PVC Security Guard badge with laser-engraved numbers. Non-manipulable numbering. Shipping within 24/48 hours.
You can buy your security guard badge in our physical store at C/ Segre, 57 bajos 08030 Barcelona (Spain),  from 9:00 to 13:30 a.m.

Security Guard  badges and others that have been accepted by the sector, and are commonly used by its professionals. You can also buy the private escort badge. When buying , it is necessary to send a photo of the front and back of the professional security guard card (select option) or send a Whatsapp to 618445887 (no chatting).

About our PVC Security Guard badge:

OFFICIAL PVC SECURITY GUARD PATCH WITH VELCRO. Official PVC Security Guard badge. Laser engraved numbers. Non-manipulable numbering. Sometimes called velcro, rubber and rubber badge.

Measure: 8 x 6 cms. To acquire this badge it is essential to be a TIP holder. It is supplied with female and male velcro. You can buy more velcro at this store to put on and take off on your clothes, so that you can wear the same patch on different clothes.

Homologated pvc patch or badge. Insigpol is an authorized manufacturer by the National Policeof the Security Guard badge . Our store has the necessary licenses to market this badge. This item cannot be not shipped blank.

Do we have the official PVC Security Guard in store?

Yes, it is always available to be customized with your number but if you come to our physical store it will have to be customized during the morning. We engrave it with your number at the moment. We only need you to come to our Insigpol store with your TIP (Professional Identity Card) or if you buy online, send us a photo of the front and back of your TIP. In the afternoon we do not customize numbered badges, only in the morning.

What is the delivery time and shipping cost?

Your official PVC Security Guard Badge and others will be shipped within 24/72 working hours if you have selected the express courier option at the time of purchase. If you select postal shipping, it will arrive between 4 and 8 days, approximately, depending on the delivery service in your area. Keep in mind that on Christmas dates or due to Covid-19 restrictions and protocols, the delivery time can be longer longer tha usual if the shipment is by post. Please be patient if you choose postal service for your delivery

Does the PVC badge have any other accessories available?

If you already have the badge, you can buy the badge holder with velcro to be able to attach it to your shirt. This will save you from having to sew a soft velcro on each garment. At Insigpol we also have replacement safety pins for the metal guard badge. You can also buy badge holders for private security, police, army, etc. in our store.

Do I have to enter my credit card number every time I shop at Insigpol?

No, as long as you save your card in our secure system for the second purchase. Our Online payment system is safe and guaranteed.
Is special documentation required to buy from Insigpol?
To buy your PVC or metal Security Guard official badge,  you have to either show us the original  TIP, or bring a copy for us. The rest of material at Insigpol is for free sale and we do not require any type of accreditation, except for some exceptions in a physical store.

Can I buy a blank security guard badge?

No, you can't. The Spanish National Police Private Security Unit in Barcelona, ​​(Balmes street), warns us that we cannot market this badge without engraving a proven official number and having first checked that the buyer is a professional security guard. That is why they must send us photos of their TIP if the purchase is online or  show us their professional card in our store. If you see a store where you can buy a blank (with no number) Private Security or Explosives Guard badge, please report to the Spanish National Police, specializing in Private Security.