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New products


Insigpol wide selection of police handcuffs including hinged handcuffs, lightweight handcuffs & tactical handcuffs from brands like Alcyon and Insigpol


Buy the shackles or handcuffs that best suit your needs. You will find the shackles that you need at Insigpol, your specialised store in police equipment and private security.

What brands can you find at Insigpol?

You can buy shackles of different brands and top quality products in our store. Insigpol always tests shackles before putting them up for sale. All of our shackles have the European guarantee.

Are there different types of shackles?

We have all kinds of shackles: both rigid and hinge type, chain and ferrule, metal and loop, we even have the American PVC shackle. We also have shackle keys of all kinds.

Can I buy this item without being a police officer or a security guard?

This section is open to all buyers. Anyone can buy this material, it is not necessary to be a police member or a security guard, although these are the most common customers in our store, both physically and online. If you want to have a look at the shackles, drop by our store at C/ segre, 57 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and check that its usability and ergonomics are what you are looking for.

How to clean the shackles

Police officers and guards always carry a pair of shackles tucked into their shackle covers. Sometimes these shackles need cleaning. There are many ways to clean shackles, whether they are hinge shackles, rigid shackles or handle shackles. They all have something in common, that is the metal. You can buy a metal cleaner at a hardware store, or nickel will do as well to clean your shackles. Do not forget to put oil in the lock area of ​​the shackles so that they work well and never get stuck.

What are shackles?

Shackles are accessories that complement the uniform of the security forces. Police shackles are used by security forces and security guards to have control over the detainee, thus preventing the detainee from attacking them and restricting their freedom of movement.

How to use the shackles

The procedure to put the shackles is as follows:

- The detainee must be standing with his/her hands on the wall. Legs must be separated and open, achieving a certain imbalance in the body of the detainee.

- The detainee will be asked in a clear and concise way to place his/her right hand on the back with palms facing out. This is when we place the part of the shackle.

- The detainee will then be asked to support his/her weight against the wall and at the same time lower his/her left hand towards the back and with the palm of the hand facing outwards. When the arm is lowered, we will place the second shackle and we will be able to handle the detainee more easily.

- We must check that the shackle locks are properly closed.