‚ÄčThe best professional rechargeable torch


The best professional rechargeable torch on the market you can buy it at Insigpol.

RECHARGEABLE LED FLASHLIGHT + CAR CHARGER + RED CHARGER. Type: Rechargeable torch. Made of aluminum. Flashlight length: 9.2 cm. Bulb: Led 3 W. Approximate lumens: 60. Comes with clip. High power thanks to the lens located above the led. Charges the battery in three hours. Duration on without interruption: about two hours. Includes: Battery (3.7V - 2400mAh). Car charger and mains charger. Comes in a black box. Ideal for giving away. RECHARGEABLE LED FLASHLIGHT + MIL-TEC RED CHARGER. Weight: 128 gr. Length: 11.5 cm. And 12.5 cms. Extended. Power: 150 lumens. Battery life: approx. 8 hours. Maximum Range: 100 meters. It has three types of light: bright light, faint, flashing and also is focusable. White light ideal to make the attacker can not see and have to cover his face and / or close his eyes. It has a high performance LED. Led Cree Q3 high quality. Comes with rechargeable charger and wrist strap.

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