​The best professional rechargeable torch


The best professional rechargeable torch on the market you can buy it at Insigpol.

RECHARGEABLE LED FLASHLIGHT + CAR CHARGER + RED CHARGER. Type: Rechargeable torch. Made of aluminum. Flashlight length: 9.2 cm. Bulb: Led 3 W. Approximate lumens: 60. Comes with clip. High power thanks to the lens located above the led. Charges the battery in three hours. Duration on without interruption: about two hours. Includes: Battery (3.7V - 2400mAh). Car charger and mains charger. Comes in a black box. Ideal for giving away. RECHARGEABLE LED FLASHLIGHT + MIL-TEC RED CHARGER. Weight: 128 gr. Length: 11.5 cm. And 12.5 cms. Extended. Power: 150 lumens. Battery life: approx. 8 hours. Maximum Range: 100 meters. It has three types of light: bright light, faint, flashing and also is focusable. White light ideal to make the attacker can not see and have to cover his face and / or close his eyes. It has a high performance LED. Led Cree Q3 high quality. Comes with rechargeable charger and wrist strap.

torch imported from Germany without intermediaries. Buy your professional rechargeable torch with the best value for money online at Insigpol. We have a wide selection of brands and manufacturers for our customers. Insigpol is the online leader in distribution and final sale of professional rechargeable torches. Our goal is always to try to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our customers, and our shipments are insured.

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Insigpol : we send your tactical belt in 24/48 hours


At Insigpol we send your tactical belt in 24/48 hours. At present, there are many tactical belts used by law enforcement, military and private security forces around the world. There is a great diversity of models. Many call them tactical belts, double belts, velcro belts, but in the end all refer to a same belt that, even having many variables, is the same things. Tactical belts for police use or for security professionals, in Spain, its outer part, which goes on the outside, has a thickness of 5 centimeters, and the inside of 4 centimeters, allowing this measures of the interior to enter through the locks of All professional pants. The idea was created, basically, for a belt to hold only the pants, and another ... the outside, hold all the accessories, such as walki-talki, shackles, defense and everything the professional may need. Why wear a tactical belt and not a conventional one? With the double tactical belt, we will avoid having to constantly raise our trousers, which is due to the weight of all accessories. Also for the ease that gives if we have to remove all the accessories from above, because with a single click, they are already outside.

Why do they call it a velcro belt? Because it carries velcro, both belts carry it. The normal thing is that the one on the outside has velcro hard and the inner belt has velcro soft. But some manufacturers do the opposite, by different criteria. Some ways in which they nominate these tactical belts are, velcro police belt, velcro belt security guard, full police belt, military tactical belt, tactical American belt, etc. By the way, the latter is curious, if we consider that Americans give wide to their belts 6 cms. Instead of 5 how we do in Spain and Europe. Belt with safety lock. In addition, the belts you find in Insigpol, almost all of them have safety closure. This prevents the belt from opening due to excess weight caused by the accessories that go into it, or why someone could pull on the belt. All our tactical belts are black, although we have military belts green color, camouflage, etc. We can say that black color is the color of the tactical belts par excellence.

Walther P99 gun case


Buy your Walther P99 gun case in Insigpol, we will send it in 24/48 hours.

The Walther P 99 pistol is a semiautomatic pistol designed in Germany for police, security agencies and Olympic shooting fans to replace Walther P5 and P88 pistols. The design of this new weapon began in 1994, and began to be manufactured soon after. Initially it was introduced in 9 × 19 mm Parabellum caliber, but later a .40 S & W caliber version was created for the North American market, which was launched in 1998. This gun deserves a holster that matches its quality. We can not in a gun case for an airsoft gun. If you have a real weapon, the sheath has to be appropriate for that weapon. The Walther P99 has a polymer body and metal slide, treated with "Tenifer", a process that inhibits corrosion. It has an internal hammer which acts as a hammer, which has a red dot painted on its back, which is visible when the weapon is mounted (so you can see if the weapon is mounted or not). It also has a bullet indicator in the chamber on the right side of the slide. In insigpol you can find several weapon cases for the Walther P99 pistol. Do not miss to see his catalog. Remember, if you have an old Walther P99 case, it probably will not suit your new pistol.

The Walther P99 has four internal locks, adjustable sights in both drift and lift, accessories rail, ambidextrous magazine catch button incorporated in the guardrail, and the back of the handle can be exchanged to improve the grip according to the Hand of the shooter The AS and QA models also incorporate a button to disassemble the weapon. This device is very good, since it consists of a key located on the upper back part of the slide, and it works as follows: Once a cartridge has been inserted in the chamber, pressing the mentioned key, the system is dismantled Of thrown percussion needle, the gun being able to make a first shot by pulling back the tail of the trigger, just as if it were a double acting revolver. A redesign of the Walther P99 was introduced in 2004 that is the one we know today, incorporating a modified guardamonte arch that eliminated the "ski ramp" that is clearly visible in the photos of the weapon. This was done on the recommendation of some shooters who complained about the comfort of the previous style.

The company Walther also took the opportunity to redesign the slide so that it had better grip, and notably, changed the rail of accessories of own design by one of the type called Weaver. Some models built in 2005 and all subsequent models received a design change plus: a button to release the larger loader. Thus we see that this short weapon has evolved, and is, the Germans, are good at making weapons.